Ch. 4 Take off Your Shirt

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    I look at the red wine stains on Alpha Hall's white shirt. "Fuck me, I'm in so much trouble. I'm so sorry!" I say, loudly and wipe at the stains.

He stands there with his arms crossed watching me. Panicking, I start to pull up his shirt trying to take if off so I can put it in the dryer. He uncrosses his arms to make it easier on me but he's too big. "Take your shirt off and I'll dry it." I order, apologetically.

Slowly he lifts up his shirt and I help him, pulling it all the way off. I run to the laundry room, throw it in the dryer and slam the door shut. Turning it on, I see one of my dad's clean white t-shirts and run back to the living room. The Alpha is standing where I left him. I see that the other girls have their heads down smirking. I bring the shirt to him and he looks at me. Unable to read his expression and explain, "It's my dad's."

    I hear a snort and laughing. I turn and see Marta holding her stomach and the other girls are holding their hands over their mouths. "What?" I ask.

"That's not going to fit him!" She points out, trying to keep it together.

"Its cotton, it stretches and uh, breathes." I try to explain the stupidest thing I've ever done. I hold the shirt to his chest noticing its three sizes too small. This only makes Marta laugh harder and fall to the ground. "He doesn't have to wear it." I snap, throwing the shirt at her.

"Good, because it would look a lot like a condom." Beta Holden remarks fighting a smile. "Although, it would be funny to see you try to dress him, too."

I turn red. "Oh, my God. I undressed you!" I realize horrified. I hear another body fall behind me. I am so happy they're enjoying this. "I swear I didn't mean to, Al-Lennox. Please, don't be mad at me." I plead.

"I'm not mad, but next time finish the job." He mutters at the same time Marta stands up saying. "Our parents are gone. You can't blame us for a little having a little fun." She pouts.

"I heard about your aunt. I'm sorry." He replies, seriously.

"My aunt." I state, confused. He nods. "What about her?" I ask, still flustered about his earlier statement.

"The car accident." He clarifies.

"What? Why didn't my mom tell us? Why aren't we there?" I ask, shocked. I look at Marta who doesn't seem surprised about the news. "You knew!" I accuse.

"She's fine, Joce. She just has a broken arm and some cuts and bruises. Mom told me not to tell you because you're not allowed to leave the territory and I knew you'd leave and get in trouble. I was just trying to help you."

Mad at Marta I don't respond to her. I leave the room and go back to the laundry room. I take out Alpha's stained white shirt, as I turn to go give it back I run into him. "Sorry. Here," I say, holding out his nearly dry shirt.

He takes it. "I'll talk to Alpha Rhys. Maybe your aunt can come visit here."

I nod. "Thank you." Then I remember what Marta said about me not being able to leave the territory. "Why can't I go see her?"

"You can't because you're an unmarked female under eighteen."

"That's the reason?" I question, incredulously. That's so stupid.

"That along with the fact I'm claiming you on September 22nd. I don't want anyone getting to you before I do."

"My birthday." I say, stunned.

"Same day as the challenge." He replies, nodding.

"Why?" I ask.

He stares until I start to get self conscious. "I want you." He states, simply.

I look at him confused. "So, all this isn't because I'm considered the weak link in your pack?"

"Why would you think that?"

"I can't run with the pack, you lift me in and out of your truck like I'm made of glass. You ordered me to tell you if any one showed interest in me, the same morning someone told me it was because you didn't want me to mate and produce weak pups in your pack. I fell asleep at the park and it warranted a search of the territory. I didn't eat dinner and you made it seem like you had to make sure I ate breakfast. You left for three days and I was being watched by the Beta. Is that enough?" I ask, frustrated.

He steps closer his eyes on mine. "Yes, that's enough." He replies. I step back but he pulls me to him. His hand lifts to my face and his thumb traces my lips.

"Can we go back to drinking?" I hear, Marta yell from the living room.

Ignoring her I say, "I can choose a mate before I'm eighteen."

He leans down and whispers, his mouth brushing my ear, "You wouldn't like what I'd do to him." I tense up.

Is he's threatening me?

His eyes narrow on mine. I feel like he's trying to work something out on his head so I stay quiet.


Alpha Lennox Hall

    The fact that she brought up finding a mate before her birthday pissed me off. I didn't hesitate to tell her what would happen if she did. From the moment I saw her, I wanted her. She doesn't act like any of the other females in the pack. I never liked the attention I received and she definitely doesn't give me her attention. I'm used to walking into a room and turning on every female in it.

When I came to take in their scents and faces she spaced out and didn't bother hiding it, I thought it was a ploy. Her innocent eyes and the fact she didn't respond sexually to my touch or presence angered me. It still does. I've given her extra attention and figured at some point she wouldn't be able to control her response to me. I was wrong. Whispering in her ear, touching her lips and I smell nothing.

Even when she was running her hands on my stomach trying to undress me she was unresponsive. The other girls reeked of the lust I caused them to feel. I intend to make her want me, I just have to figure out how. Judging by the way she looks at me she's not comfortable with my size. I can't help that part, but I need her to relax around me and not notice it so much. Realizing I'm still touching her lips I lean down placing my mouth on hers. It's an innocent kiss but I still hear her gasp when I pull away.

"Don't drink anymore tonight." I demand putting my shirt on and walking back to Holden. He's standing bored in front of a room of half naked drunk girls. Like me, he doesn't favor girls begging for attention. These girls are trying their best to get to him, but he's not having it.

I walk past him to the door not even glancing at the other girls, knowing he'll follow. I walk to my truck and get in.

"You went after her, but you didn't leave with her?"

I clench my jaw even tighter. "I told her she is mine."

"What was her response?" He questions.

"She said she could find a mate before her birthday." I growl.

"I was in that school three days. She got a lot of shit. The whole pack thinks you don't like her, that you're making her an outsider. Give her time to readjust. Now she knows you want her. Maybe it will make her more aware of you."

"I haven't gotten a sexual response from her."

"She's different. She won't fall at your feet without knowing you first." He states, knowingly.

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