Ch. 4 Take off Your Shirt

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I look at the red wine stains on Alpha Hall's white shirt. "Fuck me, I'm in so much trouble. I'm so sorry!" I say loudly and wipe at the stains. He stands there with his arms crossed watching me. Panicking, I start to pull up his shirt trying to take if off so I can put it in the dryer. He uncrosses his arms to make it easier on me but he's too big. "Take your shirt off and I'll dry it." I order apologetically.

Slowly he lifts up his shirt and I help him, pulling it all the way off. I run to the laundry room, throw it in the dryer and slam the door shut. Turning it on, I see one of my dad’s clean white t-shirts and run back to the living room. The Alpha is standing where I left him. I see that the other girls have their heads down smirking. I bring the shirt to him and he looks at me. Unable to read his expression and say, "It’s my dad’s."

I hear a snort and laughing. I turn and see Marta holding her stomach and the other girls are holding their hands over their mouths. "What?" I ask.

"That's not going to fit him!" She points out.

"Its cotton, it stretches and uh, breathes." I try to explain the stupidest thing I've ever done. I hold the shirt to his chest noticing its three sizes too small. This only makes Marta laugh harder and fall to the ground. "He doesn't have to wear it." I snap throwing the shirt at her.

"Good, because it would look a lot like a condom." Beta Holden remarks fighting a smile. "Although, it would be funny to see you try to dress him, too."

I turn red. "Oh, my God. I undressed you!" I realize horrified. I hear another body fall behind me. I am so happy they're enjoying this. "I swear I didn't mean to, Al-Lennox. Please, don't be mad at me." I plead.

"I'm not mad, but next time finish the job." He mutters at the same time Marta stands up saying. "Our parents are gone. You can't blame us for a little having a little fun." She pouts.

"I heard about your aunt. I'm sorry." He replies seriously.

"My aunt." I state confused. He nods. "What about her?" I ask still flustered about his earlier statement.

"The car accident." He clarifies.

"What? Why didn't my mom tell us? Why aren't we there?" I ask shocked. I look at Marta who doesn't seem surprised about the news. "You knew!" I accuse.

"She's fine, Joce. She just has a broken arm and some cuts and bruises. Mom told me not to tell you because you’re not allowed to leave the territory and I knew you'd leave and get in trouble. I was just trying to help you."

Mad at Marta I don't respond to her. I just leave and go back to the laundry room. I take out Alpha's stained white shirt just as I turn to leave I run into him. "Sorry. Here," I say holding out his nearly dry shirt.

He takes it. "I'll talk to Alpha Rhys. Maybe your aunt can come visit here."

I nod. "Thank you." Then I remember what Martha said about me not being able to leave the territory. "Why can't I go see her?"

"You can’t because you’re an unmarked female wolf under eighteen."

"That's the reason?" I question incredulously. That's so stupid.

"That along with the fact I'm claiming you on September 22nd. I don't want anyone getting to you before I do."

"My birthday." I say stunned.

"Same day as the challenge." He replies nodding.

"Why?" I ask.

He stares until I start to get self conscious. "I want you." He states simply.