Ch. 2 Weak Link

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"Thanks for trying." I say, looking at Marta.

"I think he has a problem with the whole family now. What'd he say in the truck?" She inquires, curiously.

"Nothing. All he said is he was going to lift the no speaking order, but that I still couldn't run with the pack. He thinks
I'm too small. Then he dropped me off and you were here for the rest." I answer, getting frustrated with myself. I did it again, I made him mad.

"Well, he definitely doesn't want you afraid of him. Maybe he sees that you're the weak-" She stops talking and turns to me. I see she's sorry but it still hurts.

"I'm the weak link in his pack. That's what you were going to say, right?" I ask. I feel the tears, but blink them away.

"I was just thinking out loud. We could be wrong. Who cares what he says anyway?" She states, waving her hands.

"No, you're right. I'm sure that's why he's being so rude. Please, don't tell dad."

"I won't." She responds, offended that I'd think she would.

"Thanks." I say, as she throws her arm around me.

"Let's go eat something. I think there's left over lasagna." She sings.

"You had me at eat."

"That's the sister I know and love."

We eat our snack and I'm itching to run but I know I'm not allowed. How am I supposed to schedule a run? It's not like he gave me a phone number to call. I hear Marta on the phone talking to one of her new friends. I sneak down the stairs quietly and out the front door. I walk down the road hoping to burn off some energy. I don't want to risk seeing the Alpha, the park is close to his house but that's where I want to go. I pick up my speed and turn off onto the trail as quickly as possible to avoid being seen from the street.

Hidden by some trees is a meadow full of play equipment and picnic tables. I see a large tree that would be perfect for reading under. If only I would've thought to bring a book. I walk to the tree and sit down. There are a few kids playing on the slide and I can't help but smile at their antics. I decide to lie down and watch the sun through the leaves.
I'm starting to wish we never moved here. Not that I had any reason to stay in Oregon. Even in Everton, I didn't make friends easily. Still, Alpha Rhys was always nice to me and never made me feel like this.

"Found her!" I hear someone shout and I sit up disoriented, noticing it's dark out. Shit! I'm in so much trouble. I see the man who yelled coming closer. It's the guy from the woods. I'm sure he's the Beta; I just can't remember his name. I stand up and brush myself off. I couldn't have been asleep for that long.

    I hear a loud snap and the birds take flight, letting me know someone is coming our way. I look at the guy next to me but he keeps his eyes on the woods. Whatever is coming towards us is snapping trees and scaring the wildlife, seconds later a very angry Alpha exits the forest. I keep my head down. Not only to show I submit, but also because Alpha Hall is completely naked. His footsteps as he comes closer makes me want to pee my pants, literally. Why didn't I go to the bathroom before I left?

I feel my hands shake and link them together. I don't want to show my fear, he doesn't like that. "You've been here?" He asks, stopping in front on me.

"Yes." I answer.

"She was sleeping." The Beta explains for me.

"Leave." I turn around but his large hand on my shoulder stops me. "Not you."

I nod and turn back around, keeping my eyes on the ground. I shift on my feet, really needing to pee. "Are you nervous?" He asks.

"Yes and I have to go to the bathroom really bad." I reply, still bouncing from foot to foot.

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