Ch. 2 Weak Link

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"Thanks for trying." I say, looking at Marta.
"I think he has a problem with the whole family now. What'd he say in the truck?" She inquires, curiously.
Nothing. All he said is he was going to lift the no speaking order, but that I still couldn't run with the pack. He thinks I'm too small. Then he dropped me off and you were here for the rest." I answer, getting frustrated with myself. I did it again, I made him mad.
"Well, he definitely doesn't want you afraid of him. Maybe he sees that you're the weak-" She stops talking and turns to me. I see she's sorry but it still hurts.
"I'm the weak link in his pack. That's what you were going to say, right?" I ask. I feel the tears, but blink them away.
I was just thinking out loud. We could be wrong. Who cares what he says anyway?" She states, waving her hands.
"No, you're right. I'm sure that's why he's being so rude. Please, don't tell dad."
"I won't." She responds, offended that I'd think she would.
"Thanks." I say, as she throws her arm around me.
"Let's go eat something. I think there's left over lasagna." She sings.
"You had me at eat."
"That's the sister I know and love."
We eat our snack and I'm itching to run but I know I'm not allowed. How am I supposed to schedule a run? It's not like he gave me a phone number to call. I hear Marta on the phone talking to one of her new friends. I sneak down the stairs quietly and out the front door. I walk down the road hoping to burn off some energy. I don't want to risk seeing the Alpha, the park is close to his house but that's where I want to go. I pick up my speed and turn off onto the trail as quickly as possible to avoid being seen from the street.
Hidden by some trees is a meadow full of play equipment and picnic tables. I see a large tree that would be perfect for reading under. If only I would've thought to bring a book. I walk to the tree and sit down. There are a few kids playing on the slide and I can't help but smile at their antics. I decide to lie down and watch the sun through the leaves.
I'm starting to wish we never moved here. Not that I had any reason to stay in Oregon. Even in Everton, I didn't make friends easily. Still, Alpha Rhys was always nice to me and never made me feel like this.
"Found her!" I hear someone shout and I sit up quickly, noticing it's dark out. Shit! I'm in so much trouble. I see the man who yelled coming closer. It's the guy from the woods. I'm sure he's the Beta; I just can't remember his name. I stand up and brush myself off. I couldn't have been asleep for that long.
I hear a loud snap and the birds take flight, letting me know someone is coming our way. I look at the guy next to me but he keeps his eyes on the woods. Whatever is coming towards us is snapping trees and scaring the wildlife, seconds later a very angry Alpha exits the forest. I keep my head down. Not only to show I submit, but also because Alpha Hall is completely naked. His footsteps as he comes closer makes me want to pee my pants, literally. Why didn't I go to the bathroom before I left?
I feel my hands shake and link them together. I don't want to show my fear, he doesn't like that. "You've been here?" He asks, stopping in front on me.
"Yes." I answer.
"She was sleeping." The Beta explains for me.
"Leave." I turn around but his large hand on my shoulder stops me. "Not you."
I nod and turn back around, keeping my eyes on the ground. I shift on my feet, really needing to pee. "Are you nervous?" He asks.
"Yes and I have to go to the bathroom really bad." I reply, still bouncing from foot to foot.
"Come with me." He orders walking away. I follow his shadow but end up tripping on a rock. I fall forward, trying to catch myself, my hands connect with his flesh. I squeak and pull them back, falling to the ground. My elbow hits a sharp rock and I know the second it breaks skin. I cover it with my hand trying to stop the bleeding.
Alpha picks me up bridal style and starts walking again, not saying a word. I stay quiet. I see his house come into view it's a beautiful two story brick manor with white columns and portico. It's elegant, simple but makes a statement. I try focusing on anything other than the fact that I'm bleeding, I have to pee and I'm being carried by a naked man whose butt I accidentally touched. Marta is going to laugh for hours after I tell her about this. He easily maneuvers me so he can open the door and walks into the dimly lit house.
I find my voice. "I can walk." I offer.
Ignoring me, he continues until we reach a bedroom and takes me to the bathroom. He drops my legs and I stand. He leaves shutting the door quietly behind him. I don't waste a second; I relieve myself and wash my hands. I look at the cut above my elbow and see its only bleeding lightly now. It'll be fine until I get home. Before I can leave, the bathroom door opens and Alpha comes in. He puts the lid of the toilet down and moves me over pointing to the toilet.
"Sit." He orders. I sit and watch him take out alcohol, cotton swabs, a white bandage and tape. He wets the cotton with the alcohol and comes towards me. Oh, this is going to sting. He lifts my arm and wipes the cut lightly. I can't stop the hiss that comes from my mouth feeling the sting. He stops and looks at me. "It needs to be cleaned."
I nod and he continues to clean the cut. When he's done he wraps the white bandage around my arm and tapes it. "Thank you."
He steps back and I stand up. "I'll take you home." He says, opening the door so I can pass. I walk ahead of him and into the bedroom.
"I can call Marta to-"
"I said, I'll take you home." He states, cutting me off.
"Yes, Alpha." I reply.
"Lennox." I can't help but look up at him. His eyes are on me. He wants me to call him, Lennox? My confusion must be obvious because he clarifies. "Call me, Lennox."
Too surprised I don't respond, just start walking. As I'm about to open the front door he opens it for me, I mutter a thank you and go to his truck. He opens the door and picks me up by my waist, same as before and sets me in the seat.
When we arrive at my house, I see the lights are on and know I'm about to be scolded for the hundredth time since we've been here. I open the door, "Don't get out." His calm voice orders. I sit and watch him come to my side and he lifts me out. So now I can't even get out of a truck by myself.
The front door opens and my father steps onto the porch. "Jocelyn, stop wasting the Alpha's time and get inside."
Immediately, I start to go inside when Alpha's gruff voice shocks me. "Go inside, Mr. Robinson." My father nods and turns going back inside. "Is he rough with you?"
"He doesn't hit me." I answer, evasively.
I feel him beside me. "Come." He orders, striding to the house. I follow and he opens the door holding it open. I walk in and I feel his presence behind me.
My father is pacing on the carpet and stops when we walk in. "Go to your room, Jocelyn."
I was expecting worse, so getting sent to the sanctuary of my room is a blessing.
"She needs to eat." Alpha responds.
"Marta, make her a plate and take it to her." Dad orders.
"Thank you, Alp- Lennox." I correct myself in time and climb the stairs to my room.
I am just about to enter my room when I hear Alpha say to my dad. "We need to talk." I close my door not hearing anything more than muffled voices. I wait for Marta to come with my plate of food, when she does she's smiling from ear to ear.
"What happened?" She whispers excitedly.
"Promise you won't laugh too hard?"
"No. Now, spill!" She demands, already laughing.
I sigh. "I went for a walk and fell asleep under a tree in the park. When I woke up the Beta was yelling that he found me."
"Beta Holden." Marta supplies and I continue.
"Yeah, he found me. Then I hear what sounded like the forest literally being demolished and Alpha Hall comes out completely naked and terrifying."
"It was that big?" She asks in awe.
"Don't be gross. So, he walks up to us and Beta Holden explains that I fell asleep. He tells Beta Holden to leave and me to follow him. I accidentally trip... Okay, this is that part you can't laugh at me for hours and make fun of me for the rest of my life." I warn.
"Tell me." She chuckles, already amused.
"I fell. I tripped and accidentally touched his butt." I cringe and she throws her head back laughing hysterically.
I wait until she calms down a little before I continue. "Then what?" She asks, breathlessly.
"Well, I pulled my hands away so fast I couldn't brace myself. I hit the ground and cut my elbow on a rock. He picked me up and carried me to his house, let me pee, then cleaned my cut and brought me home."
"That's it?"
"He let you pee and cleaned your cut?" I nod. "How romantic." She replies, sarcastically.
"I didn't say it was romantic I said it was going to make you laugh. It was so embarrassing."
She huffs. "I thought it was going to be juicy when he told dad to go back inside."
"Oh, no, he just wanted to know if dad was rough with me." I explain.
"Bummer. Well, eat and go to bed. I want to leave early for school tomorrow."
"All right. Goodnight." I say, as she leaves the room.
Tomorrow school shouldn't be too bad. At least, I won't be the girl to avoid. Maybe I will meet a friend, just one would be nice. I lay in bed falling asleep instantly.

"You didn't eat last night." I hear Alpha's voice and shoot up in bed.
I blink. "Huh?"
"You didn't eat your dinner." He repeats, pointing to the plate of food on my desk.
"I fell asleep."
"Get dressed and get to the kitchen. You need to eat."
"Alpha Hall." I hear Marta say from her door. He doesn't even turn to acknowledge her. I stand up and walk to my closet, shutting the door. I put on dark skinny jeans, a white V-neck and black flip flops.
I open the door and see he hasn't moved and is waiting for me. Grabbing my mascara and lip gloss, I stand in front of him and all he does is look at me. "Um, can I use the bathroom?" I ask, pointing behind him. He moves to the side to let me pass, I barely fit without brushing against him. I open the bathroom door and shut it quickly. I put on my mascara, which I never go without. Having such light hair, my eyelashes match making it impossible to look normal without it. I brush my teeth and put my hair in a high ponytail and shove my lip gloss in my pocket.
Leaving the bathroom, I keep my eyes down and see that he is still standing in my doorway. I walk down the stairs and go to the kitchen. I hear and smell my mom cooking eggs and bacon. My mom never cooks us breakfast. Must be for Alph- Lennox. I have to remember to call him that.
"Good morning. How do you want your eggs?" Mom asks me.
"Don't worry about me, I'll just have cereal. Marta wants to leave early today."
"You'll eat the eggs. I'll drive you to school." I hear behind me.
"I guess scrambled." I answer my mom and she turns back to the stove.
Sitting at the table I watch as Lennox joins me just as dad walks into the room. "Good morning."
"Good morning." I reply, cautiously. What the hell is going on around here? This is all for show obviously, mom cooking at the stove and dad welcoming me in the morning. I almost want to laugh. Marta comes bouncing into the room happily and sits on the other side of Lennox. I can't help but giggle when she bites her lip, sticks out her chest and winks at me, letting me know what she's doing. She is determined to get on his good side and hates being ignored.
"How are you, Alpha Hall?" Marta asks.
"Fine." He answers.
Mom sets a plate of eggs, bacon and toast in front of him. He picks it up and puts in front of me. "Eat." He orders, handing me a fork.
I'm starting to get irritated. I might be a small wolf and weak in his eyes but I don't need him to watch me this closely. I eat quietly listening to Marta tell mom and dad about the kids at school and the clubs she's going to join. I know Lennox is watching me the entire time so I make sure to clear my plate.
"Are you ready to leave?" I ask Marta.
"I'm taking you. Go get your bag." He orders.
Doing what he commands I climb the stairs to my room. I feel like screaming. I take a deep breath, grab my bag from the floor and walk to the front door. Lennox is waiting for me holding it open with his body. Does he have to do that? I can barely fit past him!
He follows behind me, knowing he'll open the door and lift me up like all the times before. He places me in the seat and I sit back wondering how I can assure him I don't need this kind of treatment.

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