Authors note:

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This isn't a mate by destiny story...sorry, but I don't like those. Mates are chosen and once bitten they become mates. Oh and rouges are not lone wolves, they don't exist in this story. People/werewolves choose to be in a pack or not. If they don't want to be a part of the pack they are forced onto unclaimed territory, mainly large cities. In this story you will not hear about the horrors of rouges attacking.

The alpha and beta controls the area in which they live. They govern the other wolves like a President and Vice President. There are bad wolves just like in every society, who break laws and are punished. The alpha is the one to decide the fate of the wolves.

The alpha position can be challenged once a year. After the alpha wins or another is determined alpha, they can choose from any female that is of age 18 or older as a mate....if that interests you please read on...but no Luna and rouge stuff....its too mind numbing. This is a love story...simple and sweet. :)

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