Perrie Edwards Diet and Workout

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Perrie Edwards, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Kendall Jenner - what do they all have in common? Killer bodies!
This is a workout and diet plan based off these celebrities. Look at them all - they have toned legs, flat tummies and an overall slim physique.
The pan will last two weeks and there will be tips I'll be giving here to achieve these bodies.

Before reading this, know that I don't force this diet on anyone. Different diets work for different people and I'm just suggesting something that has worked for many others and can work for you. I like constructive criticism but please keep hate out :)


To get a toned body, these celebrities follow the Ketogenic Diet, a high-fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrate diet. The difference between the Ketogenic Diet and other low carb diets such as Paleo and Atkins is that there is a science behind it. Naturally, in a person's body, when carbohydrates are eaten they are used as energy and burned rapidly. That's why having a high carb, low fat diet can also aid in weight loss for some people too (check out the Raw Till 4 if you're interested).
However, in the Ketogenic Diet, eating predominantly fat and low-to no carbs means that the body uses fats as your source of energy, causing your body to use your body fat as energy as well and burn it off. In this way, the body is trained to literally burn fat. And therefore, you lose fat. Benefits of this diet include majority of fat burning coming from the abdominal region. It's also the quickest diet to reap benefits from and you are still able to eat foods such as bacon and steak too. Your energy levels are improved when you don't eat conflicting food groups as well.
It takes approximately three days to get into a state of Ketosis where the body starts to use fat as energy. The first three days have important rules and absolutely zero carbs, including no vegetables or fruit. After these first few days, you can reintroduce veggies and fruits and after two weeks, you can have a small serving of your favourite high carb foods once your body is used to Ketosis.

-If you plan to work out in the morning, make yourself Bulletproof Coffee. Do this by brewing coffee as you usually would then add the mixture (without milk) to a blender with 1 tbsp. butter, 1 tbsp. coconut oil and drink with some cinnamon on top. The high fat will give you a morning boost and the stimulant of the coffee and its fat burning benefits will give you a boost for your day.
-Snack if you're hungry but snack on good things such as nuts, full fat dairy (such as Greek Yoghurt), veggies (not for the first three days) and coconut.
-Substitute sugar with Swerve, which is powdered erythritol. It takes just like sugar!
-Gluten is out on this diet, it's far too processed and high in carbs. Always substitute with the gluten free option. Almond flour is the best as it is the gluten free flour with the lowest percentage of carbs
-Really slice your sugar intake to a minimum. Later on, I state it's okay to have an occasional sweet or two after a workout but just try to have it in moderation for the best results.
-Always opt for full fat dairy, as low fat dairy tends to be filled with sugar to taste better
-For more recipes, click on this page - Zuzka Light constantly puts up recipes and she is a huge inspiration for this diet. Look her up, her abs are killer!

Before starting this section, I have to say that calories are not the enemy on this diet. This is not pro-ana. You need calories for energy and you need them to survive, obviously! However, on this diet, it is advised to exercise portion control if you're looking to lose weight. Fats and proteins are quite satiating so it shouldn't be too hard but I'll give you a few tips:

-If you have a big or a calorie dense meal, try eating half and then pack the rest away to eat at another time, maybe as a snack for the next day or to finish the leftovers for lunch or dinner.
-Eat a portion and wait it out until you feel like you need a second. Maybe drink some tea, wine or water to keep you from binging on something else
-Use a tablespoon of butter for two whole eggs rather than four egg whites or cook a four ounce piece of meat with olive oil rather than oven bake a larger piece of meat. Simple changes are beneficial
-After the first few weeks where you allowed to have carbs after a workout then try to make the post-workout meal breakfast, lunch or dinner. For example, if I worked out in the late evening, I would make my dinner a meal with carbs and make that my post workout meal.
Overall, eating three or four hearty meals a day rather than six or seven small meals will keep you satisfied longer.

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