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Weight Loss Journey by leamonuh
Weight Loss Journeyby Lea :)
This is my journey to weight loss. I am sure that I am not the only one with these thoughts so I decided to write this story so I could make it maybe a little bit easier...
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The Fat Bitch Diet by arkhanbooks
The Fat Bitch Dietby arkhanbooks
"I don't think he's a member; he must be the new personal trainer." Bursting with humor and emotion, The Fat Bitch Diet tells the light-hearted story of a hea...
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BLSC #4 : The Thief To His Heart by beyondlocks
BLSC #4 : The Thief To His Heartby Janice Martana
BLSC #4 Archer North A guy who loves challenge , music and girls. He thinks love is childish and making people attach to each other. He believes that no one will ever st...
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Health is Bliss | ✓ #Wattys2019 by Procrastinator_Devil
Health is Bliss | ✓ #Wattys2019by Huda.A.L
This book is about a lot of healthy facts. The diet we must take in order to maintain healthy and exercise which helps us to keep us fit. It is based on various Nutrient...
  • watty2018
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Diet & Exercise by CutePandaHugs
Diet & Exerciseby Liz
diet tips and exercises to help lose weight I am not a trainer nor a nutritious *some may not be viewed as a healthy weight loss*
  • exercise
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Resolutions by pseudoannie
Resolutionsby pseudoannie
(Complete) Ranked #1-Diet. On New Year's Day Maddie Evans made two new resolutions. The first was to lose weight and the second was no more meaningless sex. The first...
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Diets, Workouts & Lifestyle Tips by a-temporary-fix
Diets, Workouts & Lifestyle Tipsby 桃花 💸
This book is aimed at helping to encourage a healthier lifestyle as well as giving little tips here and there on different ways to build your own style and self-confiden...
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Military 3 days diet by Theunknown2670
Military 3 days dietby Maria Fresia Montes
With this diet you can lose up to 10 pounds. How much you lose depends on how and what your diet was before you started. If you didn't workout or was not eating healthy...
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How to get a Kpop idol body: diet plan by Buttercupandwormie
How to get a Kpop idol body: December
This is a little guide if you want to lose weight fast and in a healthy way without exercising.I don't want to show off or anything but I am 5'3 and 44kg so I just decid...
  • idol
  • weightloss
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I Want That K-Pop Body by aeon_infinite
I Want That K-Pop Bodyby • Aeon •
Join me in my goals of losing weight and getting in shape to hopefully acquire the body of the Korean celebrities and K-Pop idols that I envy so much~ Do not read if you...
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Self Care 101 by idk_leah
Self Care 101by Leah
This is just a book I made for myself that will help me improve myself :) feel free to use🌟 (the photos i include are not mine)
  • exercise
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  • selfimprovement
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[BHTT][Edit-Hoàn] Cuồn Cuộn Hồng Trần Chi Duyên Khởi Bất Diệt by daodinhluyen
[BHTT][Edit-Hoàn] Cuồn Cuộn Hồng Chấp Mặc
Tên gốc: 滚滚红尘之缘起不灭 Tác giả: Thăng Không Cao Phi - 升空高飞 Thể loại: Bách hợp, cổ trang, nữ phẫn nam trang, kiếp trước kiếp này, tình hữu chung độc. Tình trạng bản raw: 66 c...
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FIT FUN FAB: A Healthy Fitness Lifestyle 1  by Bluestorme
FIT FUN FAB: A Healthy Fitness 💎β|u£💎
Want to get off the couch to work out but don't know where to start? This book is for you! Level One - Fit Fun Fab Learn to get fit Have fun doing it Feel fab working...
  • fun
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Weight Loss by rileytom
Weight Lossby Tom Riley
Weight Loss That Actually Work! How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks
  • nonfiction
  • body
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Ana Girl by Mystic_Magic111
Ana Girlby Mystic_Magic111
When Angelina is bullied by people in her school and her family teases her for her weight she decides to take matters into her own hands.
  • eatingdisorder
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exercise + diet • tips [[DISCONTINUED]] by JEONSILY
exercise + diet • tips [[ ᴮ ᴿ ᴱ ᴬ ᵀ ᴴ ᴱ
becoming fitter, stronger, and healthier can have an amazing impact on your life. ||jeonsily (2017)
  • strength
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my weight loss journey  by BellaThomas8
my weight loss journey by Bella Thomas
hi I am 12 and I am trying to loose weight the healthy way I weigh 134 and my goal is 115 pounds but my ultimate goal is 105 pounds and hopefully I can make it
  • weightlossdiary
  • healthy
  • workout
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Koreli ünlülerin diyetleri by Chan__Baek614
Koreli ünlülerin diyetleriby chan__baek614
bu yazımda size idollerin ne tür diyetler yaptıklarını anlatacağım
  • diet
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  • korean
dziennik odchudzania by carmelel
dziennik odchudzaniaby carmelel
Moje bilanse
  • dziennik
  • dieta
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Christmas Flab | #FreeYourBody #ProjectWomanUp #DiverseLit by clumatic
Christmas Flab | #FreeYourBody ☆ c a s s ☆
It's the holiday season again, another opportunity to add some more fluff to the ever growing flab around Alegra's arms and waist. Being overweight has always been her...
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