Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

NaKhia's POV:

"I'm so happy, you and Messiah were able to work things out." Jen smiled while she sipped on her champagne as we got out pedicures. "When you called and said you were at the airport my heart dropped. I told Mikey I was loosing my friend and my god-babies."

"I could tell when i heard you crying." I was laughing make fun of Jen.

"Shut up. My crying is what made you change your mind and you know it." She took another sip.

"Part of the reason. Jen i got to that airport and i just sat their and couldn't get on that plane. Something was telling me i needed to stay and work things out with Messiah. I owed it to us to give it another try. It feels so good going to bed and waking up next to him." I giggled sipping on my apple juice.

"I used to feel the same way." I heard a voice off to the side and noticed Shelly getting her nails done. "Messiah used to put it on me so good, i would fall right to sleep. Does he do that to you?" She blew on her nails smiling at me.

What is up with this bitch. How many times does Messiah have to tell her he's done. I was tired of her crack head ass. "Bitch stop being thirsty and move around."

"Thirsty. We all know you got pregnant to trap Messiah." She looked around the room at everybody starring at us.

"At least my pregnancy is real. With your fake ass. Shelly you a psycho bitch that can't leave my man alone."

"Than tell your man to stop thinking about me. Sending me text messages about how much he misses me. What you ain't handling business like you should?" She had the nerves to question me.

"You don't know what the fuck I’m handling. Your lucky i'm pregnant or I’d handle your ass." I tried to get up but Jen pushed me back down.

"Nah Khia, i got this bitch." Jen took off running towards Shelly.

Everything happened so fast i watched in aw, as Jen grabbed a hand full of Shelly's hair punching her in the face. Before i could stop her Mikey walked in and pulled them apart.

"This ain't over Bitch." Jen yelled still trying to get her. I knew the cops were coming so i paid extra and followed Mikey carrying Jen out of the door.

"Remind me to never get on your bad side." I told Jen climbing into the SUV behind her. "Thank you girl." I hugged her while she was still trying to catch her breath.

"Anything for my God-Babies." She laughed.

By the time we pulled up in front of the house Messiah was waiting for us in the drive way.

"You alright?" He helped me out of the car, patting me down.

"Messiah, i'm fine. Jen took care of her." I wrapped my arms around his neck and pecked his lips.

"That bitch is crazy if she thinks I'm goanna let that slide."

"Calm down it's ok, were all home safe and hungry."

He grabbed my hands and kissed my knuckles. I could still see the anger in his eyes but for once i wanted a drama free night with him. He had been working so hard, he had to re-record some of the music for the label. I knew all of this was stressing him out, i just didn't want this to push him back to drugs.

We were all sitting at the dinner table eating the meal Tyonna had prepared when i found myself starring at Messiah. Over these past couple of days he had changed so much. I knew that this so called self detox was taking a toll on him. His mood was different each day, his body would sometimes shake. And other times i would hear him in the bathroom throwing up. After that night i had found him, laying on the floor in the hallway. My heart broke when he kept calling me Malcom. I knew he was trying so hard for me and i was scared to leave him. Oh dear God please give him strength.