Chapter Three

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Gray is on the left and Tyler is on the right! Of course you guys can imagine them as whomever you want, but this is who I pictured while writing. Gray is being 'played' by Hunter Parrish, and Tyler is being 'played' as the lovable Jeremy from The Vampire Diaries- Steven R. McQueen

Silently Falling: Chapter Three

By the time I meet up with Alyse to head to lunch to meet West, my curiosity has outweighed my fear. I debated skipping lunch to avoid meeting West, but quickly realized that would just be postponing the inevitable. And I can't deny the fact I'm very much interested in just who this boy is. No one from our school has actually seen him before today, he has a way of avoiding Facebook and Instagram posts. Even when being put in jail was in the newspaper there was no picture of him.

I've heard more than a lot about him from all the gossiping girls of my grade, and from all the rumors and descriptions of him I find that I have no clue what he truly looks like. No description is the same, for most everyone has their own theory.

I've heard he's covered in tattoos, then I've also heard he only has one single tattoo and it's placed on his neck. I've heard he's large and tan, and I've heard he's skinny and pale. I've heard he's covered in muscle, and I've heard he's covered in fat. I've heard he has long black hair, and I've heard he has short blonde hair. I've heard he's attractive, but I've also heard he has scars covering his face.

Most of all, I've heard he's scary enough to have John Cena running into hiding, making his 'you can't see me' bit come a reality.

I'm intrigued I get to discover what's true, if any of it.

"What if he's actually super attractive? Oh my gosh, no; what if he's actually, like, five foot one and fat with an acne covered face and gold teeth to top it off!?" Alyse asks from next to me, her eyes widening.

"If he looked like that, then let's be honest- he wouldn't have a reputation. As sad as that is." I sign with a scowl.

Society is great.

"You know, I could just tell you two." Tyler pipes up from next to Alyse.

We both glare at him.

"Do that and I will cut off your balls and force feed them to you." Alyse threatens. "I want this to be a surprise."

Tyler gulps slowly and nods, backing off.

I nod my agreement. "There's never much drama at this school, who knows when we will have a moment like this again?"

The boys look at us weirdly before nodding, directing all of their attention back to whatever conversation they had before. I think it's about one of the girls they've been with at our school- all three of them.

Hopefully not at the same time.

I tune them out pretty easily and I turn to Alyse and ask what I should have yesterday. "Is your mom home? Or is she still out on a 'business trip'?"

She reads my hands and sighs with a small shrug. "She came home Sunday night and went straight to her room."

I sigh sadly. "Did she say anything this morning?"

Alyse shakes her head. "She was still asleep. She had gone out the night before." She says, trying to act nonchalant.

"Want to spend the night at ours tonight?" I suggest.

She looks at me and then up at Toby, who I know for a fact was eavesdropping in on our conversation from his abrupt ending of his own.

She smiles gratefully at me. "Have I ever told you how amazing you are?" She asks.

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