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Emma's POV
I woke up as the rays of sunshine blinded me through my curtains.
"Get up! Get up!"
My mother squealed running into my bedroom, three maids following behind.

I asked shoving my face under my pillow. I wasn't a morning person, at all.

"Why?! It's your eighteenth birthday!"
My mother nearly screamed. Oh. My. God. She was right. I sat up quickly and jumped out of bed.

I hugged my mother, squealing. Today I was finally a young woman! We jumped around together when my father walked in.

"There's my girls!"
He said smiling and pulled us both into a hug.

I hugged him back before stepping away.
"Finally! I'm free!"
I exclaimed and my parents glanced at each other.

My mother smiled sweetly and led me over to my walk in closet.
"Lets find you your birthday dress."
She said and I smiled.

We looked through my closet before deciding upon my navy blue dress with the cool white vintage design.

We curled my hair and did my makeup. I did a dark red lipstick with simple eye shadow and mascara.

I put on my simple black flats then left to go eat my breakfast. I raced down the spiralling stairs, but stopped midway.

My father was greeting an older man and his wife who had her arm intwined with his. I knew these people.

They stepped out of the way and a ruggedly handsome young man walked in. I knew instantly who he was.

He had a small trimmed beard and his hair was slicked back. He had his hands in his pockets as he looked around the front entrance.

It was none other than Nikolai Ivanov and his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Ivanov. My old "friend".

Why was he here? He missed three birthdays but he showed up for this one? Sure I missed his last three but I wasn't allowed to go.

I knew he had to be allowed because he was "the boss" of everything. He never shut up about it.

My father exclaimed snapping me out of my thoughts. I forced a smile and pushed my hair back.
"Yes dad?"
I replied, slowly descending down the stairs.

"You remember the Ivanov family?"
He asked resting a hand on my shoulder.
"Why yes of course. Mr. And Mrs. Ivanov it's so nice to see you again. And of course Nikolai, nice to see you also after three years."
I replied, still smiling.

Mr. And Mrs. Ivanov shook my hand while Nikolai stood there with his arms now crossed.

"Why don't you two go catch up?"
My father asked, motioning towards Nikolai. I shook my head and my dad became suddenly nervous.

"I haven't ate yet. After I eat we can 'catch up'."
I replied and everyone nodded, except for Nikolai who watched me carefully. I stepped away from everyone and left to the dining room.


I brushed my teeth then reapplied my lipstick. I walked out of the bathroom and shut off the lights.

Nikolai stood outside of it with his arms crossed.
"Took you long enough."
He muttered and I glared at him. He grabbed my hand and I yanked it away.

He stared at me doubtfully then grabbed my hand again, with a deathly grip and brought it over to rest on his arm.

"Shall we?"
He asked and I dug my nails into his flesh.
I replied and we descended down the staircase and out the back door.

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