Chapter 1 The Kickoff

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"Yo! Harrington!" a voice shouted loudly. "Get your ass over here!"

Talon saw his buddy, Finn, waving him over to a table by the eating area. He nodded his head in acknowledgment, and turned his attention back to the leggy brunette that was currently hanging on his arm. They met last weekend at a party and had exchanged phone numbers. She had been texting him continually since then, wanting to hang out. When he had mentioned that he would be at the fair tonight, she had jumped at the chance to meet with him.

"That's so awful about your dad," the brunette continued to say, completely unaware of what just happened. "I can't imagine only getting to play one game before getting injured. How tragic."

Talon's pulse spiked with annoyance at the mention of his father.

"It would be cool if you went pro like him though," she added, twirling the ends of her hair with her finger. "You'd get to hang out with movie stars and celebrities. It'd be like one big party. I'm so jealous."

Was this girl serious? "Yeah I'll just grab a quick bite to eat with Brad Pitt and Angelina after a grueling day of strength training, football practice and watching game footage," he responded wryly.

She blinked. "You know Brad Pitt?"

Talon bit back a sigh. This chick was not quick on the uptake. She couldn't even comprehend a simple thing like sarcasm. What the hell had he been thinking at that party? He knew he wasn't the most discerning person when it came to girls, but he usually liked them smarter than his five-year-old cousin.

"You were joking!" she suddenly shouted, giggling at her error. "I feel so dumb."

 "I know the feeling," he muttered out loud. Privately, he wondered if a village was missing its town idiot.

She flicked a stray strand of hair over her shoulder. "What was that?"

He forced a pleasant smile on his face as he started to detach himself from her. He needed to escape before she infected him with her idiocy. "It was nice seeing you again, but I have to go."

"JT," she cajoled and leaned into him, "I thought we could spend some more time together." 

His decision to leave wavered as he looked down and saw her impressive rack pressed against him. The reason why he had gotten her number in the first place came rushing back.


Maybe he shouldn't be so hasty. So what if she wasn't exactly valedictorian material? It wasn't like he was planning on marrying the girl. He could deal with her incessant chatter and inane remarks for a couple hours before taking her to Make-out Point. He glanced down again. On second thought, why even wait?

He was just about to suggest they go when a sharp whistle caught his attention. Finn was sitting at the table, impatiently pointing to the milkshake he had gotten for him.

"Are those the other players from your team?" She leaned around him, straining her neck to see his friends. "I don't mind hanging out with them. Are any of the college scouts checking them out too?"

Talon watched as she licked her lips and nearly panted with anticipation of hanging out with him and his friends. His lust died a quick death as repugnance took over. There was no way he was taking this girl anywhere. All she cared about was being seen on the arm of someone popular. She didn't care whom it was, as long as it boosted her status.

Talon mentally thanked Finn for saving him from a potential disaster as he started to back away. "Sorry, doll, it's a guys night out. I really have to go."

Temper flared in her eyes before she quickly masked it. "I'm having a party next week JT," she said sweetly with a hint of tartness. "You should come."

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