Kidnapped By The Alpha

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Hello!! first things first, I would like to say thank you for giving my book a chance. I hope you will love the book and the characters just like I did.

To those who have read KBTA before but havent read my warning that I published (now deleted) a few weeks ago:

You guys must be so confused right now, wondering, "what's all of this?"

Well, I'll be changing all of the chapters. I'll be rewriting everything since I've started writing this when I was 11 and there's a lot, and I mean a lot of grammatical errors.

But don't worry! The main plot wouldn't change at all, I would just write the plot in a way than what I wrote years ago

I wouldn't unpublished this because I think it'll be such a waste, considering this has been published since 2015 (thank you so much for 90k reads, I dont know if I deserved it honestly)

"How would I know if its the rewritten version?"

Easy, the rewritten versions will have a different format for the title. For example: Prologue : 00, Chapter : 01, etc.

If you have more questions regarding this, comment here or message me.

All of this is from my idea and my idea only, I would be disappointed if I see anyone copying my work

All rights reserved.

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