But I ended giving up to the glare.

I nodded.


This morning I woke up a bit late and rushed into the kitchen. Surprisingly I found her already at the table, she rarely woken up this early. I knew she still wont talk to me, but that makes me want to tease her more.

"Good morning, my favourite hyung", as I approached her and chuckled. The latter just sighed and devoured her breakfast.

Satisfied laughing at her, I walked to the fridge. Took a bottle of milk then made some sandwiches and fruits, then package them into a box meal. Decorated them very tidy. I observed the lunchbox that I prepared, feeling proud of my art.

"Lunch box? Are you a kindergarten student or what?", I turned towards the source of that sarcastic voice. Didn't bother with her brows raised, I chuckled again and pointed the lunchbox toward her.

"This is for Sana-unnie, last night Tzuyu asked me for making lunch for her lover because she was sick and couldn't make it to school." Despite the fact I'm sure Tzuyu isn't absent due to illness but avoiding the Korean Language quiz today.


"You want me to make you lunch as well, hyung? Just in case that no one is willing to accompany your lunch", I said jokingly while merong to her. And I succeeded, she had sharpening her eyes onto mine. I'm not even afraid of her, it looks funny to me. Uh oh. The Angry Ostrich has awakened.

Before a second, I scooted to the car before she could throw me with anything she can found.


The bell rang and I swiftly get out of the classroom to find Sana. I didn't find her in her class, so I went to the dance room. As I remember Tzuyu ever tell me that her lovely 4D-cutie-sexy squirrel is a member of dance club.


"Excuse me...", as I opened the door slightly and peeked inside. There was only one person inside but all I could see was only her back.

"Ahem excuse me", this time I coughed and raised my voice a bit.

That person was surprised and turned back, made an eye contact with me. We were both silent for a few seconds, I'm not exaggerating but by that time we were really speechless. My eyes couldn't escape the figure of a girl in front of me. We were frozen, until I remembered what's my business to come here.

"I just want to deliver this lunch box for Sana-unnie, from Tzuyu."

She snapped out of her thought and gave a smile, she came over and took the lunch box that I offer, "Thanks I will give this to Sana later"

She smiled shyly along with her smiling-eyes-shaped. I found it cute. Gosh, what the hell is wrong with you, Chaeng. She seemed to realize that I didn't move at all, so she made the first step. She offered a hand.

"My name is Mina. Myoui Mina. I'm classmates with Sana and we both joined this dance club from our first year. Nice to meet you......."

I shook her hand softly, eyes still fixed on her face.

"Son, or Yoo, Chaeyoung. Don't ask anything about my surename because I also not sure by my name", I chuckled and she laughed with me. I loved the way she laugh. How cute. Besides, she was laughing at my silly joke. Achievement unlocked.

"Alright, Chaeyoung. Nice to meet you." Mina smiled shyly again, "Anyway right now is lunch period, aren't you going to eat?"

"I'll go to the cafeteria directly after this."

"I'm also going there", she looked at me amongst hesitant and shy. As if understand what's her thought, I asked her.

"Do you want us to have lunch together?" Wow, Chaeng. You really are very brave, or reckless, even to a senior who you've just met. It's undeniable that you are the sister of a Yoo Jungyeon, 'girl crush' really is our DNA.

But surprisingly, she looked down at her shoes and nodded slowly.

I didn't understand, the answer is simple but I was blushing because of it. I looked away, trying my best to hide my flushed face. Then I turned back slightly at her before walking out the room.

"Let's go, Mina..."

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