01 - The Coincidental

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"You should already know what I want to talk about"


"Please... We both know that we have the same doubt"

"But why?"

"You wouldn't even want to hear the answer"

I was silent, could not reply to her words. In fact I already know the answer.


I heard her calling my name, usually I feel happy whenever those lips saying that. But not this time.


I tried to lift my head and looked at her face again, trying to hold back my emotions. Trying hard not to showing any anger, and confusion, just in case this is the last time I can see her.....as mine.


Ok. This time I'm getting sick of hearing my name being called by her.

"Yoo KyungwanJungyeon!"

What the h.............



"Until when do you want to sleep?"

Here here, the smol princess started her morning nagging again,

"Your body will not automatically move to the school if you do not lift that ass off of the mattress"

I yawned and rubbed my eyes, without turning my face to my 'little' sister (or should i say brother?) who still standing next to my bed. I don't want her to ask me what was I dreaming and caused I have to wake up with watery eyes.

"Go take a bath then come breakfast with me", I nodded as she went out of the room.

She closed the door slowly and I just looked blankly toward the calendar on the wall.

So the story begins.....again? But from today, without her.


Huh she really had spent a lot of time to get ready, at this rate we'll be late for sure. It is not that I was pleased to go to school, but I just don't want to start this Monday with bad things.

As if all this were not bad enough.

Then suddenly my phone rang, incoming message received:

"Chaeyoungie~ Could I borrow your homework? Last night I had a phone call with Sana-unnie and didn't have my time to do it hehehe may I? Please please~~"

So you are telling me your lovey-dovey activity, without any guilty huh. Lucky you if you aren't my best friend, the answer would certainly not. After all, how could I resist any of your request? Ck.

"Looks like someone got the vitamin even in the morning"

"WHOA!!" I almost dropped my handphone as she stared at me with her emotionless, yet charismatic, eyes. "Since when are you sitting there??"

"Well, since you smiled to yourself alone."

"Aish hyung let's start eating before we're late" After sent a quick reply, I joined the table with her.

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