03 - Bold Step

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"You....." Jungyeon grunted again, I didn't count how many times for today. "What the hell are you doing here?"

I withstand my basketball which about I'm going to shoot to the ring, if not many people were here, maybe the ball that I'm holding has been flying toward that figure. A cheerful girl creature was standing on the sidelines, not too far from where I stood now. I don't even remember if our school's cheerleader club has a new member? Without being distracted by the question, she was hopping happily to me.

"I just wanted to see you practicing basketball, because my vocal exercises are finished so I stop by here."

"Go home."

"Eyy whyyy? Don't you want someone encouraging you from the sidelines? Someone who providing towels and drinks after you finished?"

Speechless. This time with my thoughts wandered to the past. Someone once said the same thing, even doing everything. I'm not even angry but feel happy, too much happiness that I want her to do it again.

"Jungyeonnie, what's wrong? Are you tired already? Then let's change your clothes and we are going home." She offered me a bottle and a towel, while I remained silent didn't move at all.

"Go home."

"Yes we will, therefore quick change your clothes then we....."

"YOU must go." This time I glared at her, hoping she understand what I really meant.

"I wont going home now, Mina was still practicing in the dance room and I'll go there to encourage her", she lowers her hand because I hadn't seen taking a bottle of drink that she offers. "Or....."

She lifted her face up with a look of innocent-pure-cat-eyes at me, something on my head tells me the other bad things will surely happen for a while longer.

"Why don't you accompany me to the dance club room? I'll introduce you to my friends there. Moreover, you must've never been to a dance club room, right? Ah I'm sure you've never been. Let's go, Jungyeonnie"

I slapped Nayeon's hand which going to grab mine. With clenched teeth, I stared at her as sharp as I could do, "No".

"All right, just escorted me to the dance club room. You don't have to meet with my friends."


"Then escorted me through the door of dance club room. I promise I wont take long. Pleaseee..." Nayeon unites both her palms.

"No. And will never. I'll take you anywhere, just not the dance club."

"W-Why? What's wrong with dance club?"


"Is there something there? Don't tell me you want to get in dance club but couldn't make it?" Now she chuckled as if mocking me.

"It just not like that" I rolled my eyes and looked away.

"Then what is it? What are the important things that make you really wont get there?"

Huh. And you just saying that you know everything about anything at this school? Really, Im Nayeon?

A few seconds passed with a very quiet atmosphere, I didn't know how to explain the actual condition on Nayeon. I had to find a way to get away from the pursuit of this frisky bunny. At least, expelled her from the basketball court.

"Or that's not something there, but........someone?"

Now it's Nayeon turns to stare a glare at me, but still not that scary, maybe even a toddler would laugh by her looks.

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