02 - Next To You

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As soon as the class door opened, all students in the room immediately looked toward the entrance. They were surprised by two people who had just entered. One of them looked very happy as usual and another one was very flat, as usual...

Jungyeon quickly streaking toward her seat, her favorite spot of all over the place in this school, seats in the rear end and close to window. In fact, all she needed was just a place far from these civilization's noisy also where she could be free to see the outside. Stared at the vast sky without limits.

After greeting the entire classmates, Nayeon realize that Jungyeon had sat quietly in her chair. As she thinks all her classmates never existed. Her eyes look out the window with a blank stare, perhaps her mind was also blank.

Seems to have a brilliant idea, Nayeon approached someone who was sitting next to a Jungyeon's then whispered to her. A second later Nayeon sit there and elbowed Jungyeon at her arm.

"Class hasn't even started and you're already bored? Ckck what kind of student are you?"

I peeked to see the girl sitting at the table next to me, trying not to engage a conversation with her again. But her eyes didn't let me to do as I planned, "What are you doing there?"

"Waeyo? From now on I will sit beside you, so you will not be able to fall asleep in class again!" I saw her giving me her best smile, she really is like a rabbit with those teeth protruding between her smiling lips. It was very cute, but to me it looks a bit annoying.

"Okay but don't distrub me."


She posed as soldiers salute, but I didn't even care and went back staring out the window.

There was silence again, I'm surprised she was actually followed what I say...

"Uhm, may I call you 'Jungie'?"

I sighed without looking at her, regretted what I think just now. "No."

"How about 'Yoojung Sunbae'?"

This time she got my attention and I turned, "Pardon?"

"Yeah... You know, even though we were almost at the same age but I think you're more mature than me." Nayeon replied keeping her smiling-eyes.

I didn't understand what she planned, something bad. Certainly.


"Aaah jebaaaal~ Jung oppa~~"

Her aegyo. Urgh. Indeed, it really was very cute but I've been very tired to respond so I turned away back stared out the window.

"Humph... Okay then what should I call you?" I heard her voice slowed. "Don't call me at all", my thought replies to myself.

"Jungyeon. Only. Not shortened, and not with 'sunbae'."

I glanced over at her and she nodded in understanding, then I saw she was already busy with her books. Well done. Maybe it's time for me to be free.

A few more minutes the bell will ring, but my mind has been filled with any plan that I would do after school. Hmm maybe before basketball practice, I should eat out the store in front of school. Or maybe I just send the first grader to buy me some? But it would be better if...

"Jungyeonnie, want me to lend a pen? Mine has a lot of colors! Look at this.....and this...."

I slammed my back into the seat and massaged my head annoyance. This girl really.........

"Good morning, class!"

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