Shot One: Soap.

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He'd warned me before we'd left, "If anything about our little secret is spilled, you are going to wash out your mouth with soap." He said it in the most dangerous, iciest tone possible. And then he planted a kiss onto my cheek, just to make it seem less... threatening.

But it was most definitely threatening.

We were seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, but in reality, we were closing in on location of the bandits.

Mr Ambrose and I walked towards a man who he claimed was a man of extensive and valuable knowledge. What exactly did he know? Mr Ambrose wouldn't say.

"Ah, monsieur Thompson. Good to see you." The man held out his hand for Mr Ambrose to shake. He looked at it with slight disdain, but kept his face impassive. The man then turned to me, taking a hold of my hand and planting a kiss.

"And you are, mademoiselle?"

I didn't know what I was thinking. Actually, I wasn't even thinking properly. I just said whatever came to my mind first.

"My name is Lillian Linton. I'm supposed to be his wife." I said jerking a thumb in Mr Ambrose's direction. And then, a split second later, I realised what I had said. Hastily removing my hand from the grip of the man, I began to stutter.

"Uhh I um... think I just remembered something. I think I.. um left the err... faucet running! Back at the hotel.. heh..." I was red in the face and I didn't dare look at Mr Ambrose.

"Darling, why don't you go sit in the carriage? I'll meet you there later and then we can have a little.. talk." He said in a tight voice, refusing to look in my direction.

"Yes, of course." I curtsied, keeping my eyes trained on the ground. As I left, I heard Mr Ambrose tell the man a lie. Everything was a lie really.

I reached the carriage and sighed. I was tired of being careful, tiptoeing through everything like this... it just wasn't right!

But unfortunately for me, I had to spill our secret. God, I wish I never spoke!

Right then, his threat rang through my head. Oh no. Now I have to wash my mouth out with soap!? Wait, but did he say that he himself was going to do it? Oh god no.

Quickly, I got into the carriage and knocked on the roof.


"Yes ma'am?"

"Take me to Hotel Luxor! Immediately!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"And drive fast!"

We were off. I knew I'd gotten myself in trouble, but I was sick of this stupid game of charades. Who even gave him the idea?! I'd love to give whoever it was a piece of my mind!

The carriage reached Hotel Luxor in almost no time. I ordered the driver to go back to the location we came from. As he left, I entered the hotel and got a set of keys from the front desk. I thanked the receptionist and left.

As soon as I reached the stairs, I ran up, glancing behind me to make sure I wasn't being followed. This had already happened, well almost happened, once before. But why? Why couldn't I do something.. right?

I finally reached my suite, unlocked the door and bolted it behind me. I sagged against it and let out a groan, shaking my head. What was I going to do now? Why had I spoken? Why do I always have to spill? I glanced at the door leading to the bathroom. Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap.

Sighing, defeated, I tossed the keys aside, and entered the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and lit a match for a couple of gas lamps. Leaning both hands on the sink, I sighed again, looking at my reflection in the mirror. In that moment, I hated myself more than usual for my careless ways.

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