Bonus: Epilogue II

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The chaos that we experienced had finally died down. Not that it was a bad thing, the intricate planning and implementation had me almost pull my hair out from frustration. I never thought organizing a wedding would be this much stressful. Especially that Pierce wanted it done in two months.

Amazingly, my dress had been altered into something unexpected in a short amount of time. It was a belief that it was bad luck to see your bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. I never really made a big deal out of it seeing as this was already the 21st century. But knowing Pierce, he made all the arrangements, making sure that I would be surprised on that day.

All I had to do was sort out the guest list, choose the food and beverage and of course decorations and setup of the reception. Considering that I only had a few guests and Pierce only wanted a simple wedding. He had decided that the whole family would fly to Bordeaux, France for us to get married at the vineyard. Julien was delighted to hear from us again. We had contacted him about the details of the wedding and without hesitation he was willing to open the place for us.

Since it was summer in Bordeaux, we were too early for the harvest season. Nonetheless, the place still looked breathtaking especially at this weather condition. Thick clothing was no longer required for this season. When we had arrived, Julien had transferred us into a bigger cottage where our family could fit.

A day before the wedding, a few people had come by to see the place. Then on the next morning, they had started setting up. For the ceremony, an arch which was decorated with twigs, splayed with blue and white hydrangeas were placed in front of the vineyard, making the view wonderfully symmetrical. Wooden chairs were evenly distributed that was good for at least thirty people.

A few feet away, there was a huge willow tree that could provide shade for the long table that was arranged for the small reception area. Mismatched vintage plates and cutleries were neatly positioned onto the setup. Another table was placed for the array of food that would be served and of course, white wine for the special occasion. Empty wine barrels with more flowers were used as accents to the theme around the area.

We had brunch at the cottage whereas Caroline and Hugh had whipped up something simple to fill our hunger before the wedding starts in the afternoon, before sunset. I took my time getting ready in my dress while Hugh did my makeup. He went for an all-natural look, not too heavy on the eyeshadow. My hair was somewhat similar to the one I had used during the fashion show, only now my hair was curled in waves then a portion of my hair was braided to create a crown on top of my hair. Whites, purples and blues were the colors that I personally selected for the color theme of the wedding. So, assorted flowers in that respective color were placed around the braid to form a flower crown.

Pierce was also busy with getting ready. Charles was the best man so it was in his duty to keep Pierce in his place. I didn't want him sneaking off to find me without ruining the surprise of seeing me in a different version of this dress.

By three in afternoon, everyone was already gathered outside including Pierce's close relatives from his mother's side. He waited by the altar while I stayed hidden inside the cottage with Hugh as my bridesman. Emma and Corrine had started to walk towards the altar as they threw white rose petals onto the ground. They were my flower girls.

Hugh signaled me to come by the door as the instruments started to change the music. Everybody's heads were turned towards the door, waiting for me to make an entrance. The doors opened and I was momentarily blinded by the golden light, adjusting my vision only to see everyone smiling back at me. Charles stood beside Pierce as he wore a tuxedo in a dark grey color. He gave me a small wave and smiled.

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