Part 05

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"You love her?" Trishna asks shocked.

"Yup!" RK replies as if it is no big deal.

"OMG! YOU LOVE HER!!!" Trishna says excitedly as she jumped up and down. Then falling on him she says as she hugged him, "I love you!" and then she quickly turns to Madhu and hugs her too. "He loves you!!! This is just awesome."

Madhu looks at RK in confusion and he winks at her with a smile and she starts blushing.

"Wait a minute!" Trishna says moving back confused. "When did you tell her that? I didn't hear you guys talking."

"I messaged her."

"Oh!" Trishna says smiling then asks confused, "How do you have her number?"

"Well Trish... you see, she is my girlfriend."

"WHAT?" Trishna asks shocked as she looked at him and then turns to Madhu. "Is this true?"

"Yes." Madhu replies.

"You two were a thing and you never told me?"

"Trish, let me explain." Madhu starts.

"You better!" Trishna says tying her hand on her chest.

"Ah interesting!" RK says as he got more comfortable on the couch.

Madhu turns to him in shock realizing he was enjoying this.

"Let's talk in your room." Madhu tells Trishna after she glares at RK.

"Okay." Trishna replies frowning.

They start walking towards her bedroom when RK furiously stands up. "Wait a minute!"

Madhu and Trishna turns to look at him.

"I just told you I love you and you are running off with my sister leaving me here to have a private talk?" RK asks pissed.

"RK?" Madhu looks at him in shock.

"It's not like I am telling I love you to someone for the first time in my life."

"Oops!" Madhu mumbles and turns to Trishna, "Trish, I'll just talk to him and come."

"Yeah go ahead!" Trishna says sarcastically. "You talk to him and come back to me when you are all done. It's not like I was important enough to know about your relation."

"Trish?" Madhu looks at her in shock. "What happened to you?"

"What happened to me? let's see... my best friend has been going around with my brother behind my back and I find out about it from my brother... no big deal... it happens to everyone."

Madhu looks at her in shock and starts feeling guilty she turns to RK, "RK, we will talk... but let me talk to her first."

"Why not? Go ahead... after all you two were best friends for years while we have been together for just a month."

"A MONTH?" Trishna asks shocked while Madhu looks at RK in wide eyed shock.

"You two have been going around for a month?" Trishna asks Madhu.


"And you never felt it necessary to tell me?"


"Who am I to say anything? You are the one who decides everything... like how you decided to hide everything from Trish!"

"WHAT?" Trishna asks shocked.

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