Chapter 5

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The next day Thor was still gone and he hadn't sent word back to let you know when he would be coming back. It may take a while.

Raising from your chair you went over to check and see how Loki's head was doing.  The concussion was slowly but surely going away and he'd be better in maybe a few days.

"I'm going to clean and rebandage your cuts. Be nice." You told him playfully. He smiled at begrudgingly. This time, gaining trust in him, you took off both straps at the same time.

"You can sit up if you like."  You told him sweetly.  This took him off gaurd slightly, but he took you up on your offer.  He moved gracefully and with care as you watched him like a hawk.

He stretched slightly and arced his back. It must have felt so good to be able to changes positions finally. He sat up as you unraveled his bandages around his wrists.

To your suprise, the cuts didnt need to be rebandage. As he got better, the faster he was healing. 

He liked looking at your confused face as you turned his hand over in yours.  "How did...." You muttered to yourself, your voice trailing off. 

He smiled at you, but you didn't notice. "They don't need to be rebandaged, I think we can just let them be." You informed him.

He nodded and said, "I think I'm going to lay back down. I'm feeling a little dizzy..." he said, dropping back onto his back a little bit fast and falling unconscious. 

He had been laying down so long it was a bit of a wonder he didn't black out right when he sat up.  You hoped he was alright.

You took one of his hands in yours.  Your first intention was to put it back in its place and strap it down, but you found when you held it you didn't want to let it go. 

So you sat like that for a while. Holding his hand in yours and worrying about him.  You wished you didn't feel this way about him, for he would never return the feeling and even if he did he was a murderer and it was probably a terrible idea.

You hadn't noticed how long you had been there with his hand in yours but he started stirring.  He didn't really seem to wake up, but his hand you where holding closed over yours. 

It made your stumach drop to your toes with butterflys. After another minute or two, he started waking up.  His eyes fluttered open and he looked up you and was suprised to find he could still move his arms.

"Aren't you going to tie me back up?" He asked, unconsciously releasing your hand and propping himself up on his elbows. He didn't seem to notice he was ever holding your hand.

You looked at him and said, "if you're not going to kill me I will untie your legs." You told him.  He raised his eyebrows at you and looked suprised

"What makes you think you can trust me?" He asked you curiously. "I don't know.  Please dont make me regret this." You say as you walk to the foot of the bed and unlach his legs.   He sits up slowly and rubs the spot where the straps where.

"I wont,"  he said gently.

He turned over on his stumach and put his arms over his head, sighing contently. That was probably his natural sleeping position and you felt guilty he had had to sleep on his back with his arms at his sides for so long.

He was healing fast now, which almost made you upset for some reason. You didn't want him to leave.  After a while of sitting there you began to grow very hungry.  You didn't know what to do exactly.

It didnt matter how much you trusted him, he couldn't be left alone.

You thought about maybe tieing him back up for a while but you really didn't want to do that to him again.  He looked so realived and comfortable right now.

Maybe you could take him with you?  No, he needed to rest. With your luck he would pass out in one of the halls on the way there.

You sighed and decided food can wait. 

After about an hour or two, Loki woke up.  He turned on his back and sat up.  "Can I walk around?" He asked you, slight grudge and resentment in his voice at having to ask for such a basic right.

You absently nodded at him and said, "just dont break anything. And if you pass out, you're sleeping on the floor until you wake up."

He cracked a smile at you and nodded.   He stood up slowly and carefully.  Once he took his first step he fell forward slightly, and leaned on your counter, willing the dizziness to go away.

After a moment or so, he walked around the room absently. Fast recovery time. You thought, biting your lip.

"Are you hungry?" You asked him, after he sat back down.  "Not really.  I suppose you are?" He asked you.  You nodded.  An awkward silence took place as you both thought about the difficulties to this situation.

After a moment he sighed and rolled his eyes, laying down flate on the bed and started securing the straps on his feet. You got up and shook your head at him, wacking at his hands that where fastening the straps. 

"No, no. Its fine.  I can wait. I dont want to have to tie you back down, I don't know why but it just seems so wrong." You told him, gently loosening the strap he had already got tight. 

He looked at you for a second, once again suprised at your reaction.

You two started talking for a little while about random things and just getting to know each other a little bit better.  You enjoyed talking to him quite a lot. 

A knock at the door broke up your conversation and you looked up to see Abby standing in the door way.

"Um, sorry to interrupt. Thor is back." She told you, glancing at you and loki, who where both sitting cross legged on his bed facing  each other.

And thats it for this chapter! Thanks for reading guys! It means a lot to me.

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