Chapter 7

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You made your way down the hall to the kitchen area and started making dinner for the two of you. You didn't know how much he ate so you just took a gamble.

After about an hour or so Loki apeared briefly to tell you that he would be in the library. You nodded and turned back to what you where doing, watching him leave the room out of the corner of your eye.

His steps where so graceful and almost silent. You felt your stumach jump ever so slightly and you sighed.

When dinner was ready you brought Loki his and found him curled up on the little sofa you had in your mini library, his eyes scanning the pages of a book he'd picked out.

He was so distracted by his book he didnt even hear you enter.  You cleared your throat slightly and he snapped his head up quickly, looking mildly suprised. 

"Dinner." You said, setting his plate down on the little table next to the chair and turning to leave the room.  He thanked you and you went to go sit and watch TV with your dinner.

After an few hour passed it started to get dark outside.  You cleaned up the dinner dishes and went to the library to read for a little while. 

upon arrival, you found Loki was already there, in one of those little reading trances.  You watched him thoughtfully from the doorway for a little bit, analyzing his clam face as his eyes darted back and forth.

He didn't seem to notice you untill you cleared your throat and walked in the small space. He was sitting on the floor, like he had just pulled a book off the shelf and never made it back to a seat.

"Glad to see you enjoy reading. That's mostly what I do when I'm not working."  You told him, smilling brightly.  "These books are.....very different, than the ones we have on Asgard." He told you absently, flipping the page.

You walked over to him and scanned a page from over his shoulder to see what he had selected. Lord Of The Rings. Never a bad read.

"Well do you like them?" You asked curiously. He nodded his head to the side slightly and replied, "well...yes. I believe so."

You smiled to yourself as you walked away to select a book of your own. You went to your little chair when you found a suitable book and the library filled with silence except the occasion turning of a page.

Okay this is what I've had written up forever. I just lost inspiration for this book, so I never really finished this chapter, and I cannot promise further chapters, but you never know. It could happen.

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