Chaper 11

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You refused to come out of your room the rest of the day, but you did end up accidentally falling asleep. You needed rest, so the extra hours of sleep was a good thing for you. It was around 7 in the morning when you woke, feeling refreshed and renewed thanks to all the extra hours of rest you had gotten. Your good mood was soiled quickly however when you remembered yesterday's conversation with Natasha.

It was fine, you kept repeating to yourself. You hadn't really liked Loki that much anyway. It was just a crush, no biggy. You could shake this off. Psht, nooo problem. Water off a duck's back.
No. Big. Deal-

A tap on your door brought you out of your obsessive and slightly psychotic train of thought and you jumped slightly, as though you had been caught doing something embarrassing. "Er--come in," you called out hesitantly.

The door opened softly and Loki's head popped through to look at you. "Am I intruding? You've been in here all day."

"I'm sorry, Loki," you sighed, sitting up more comfortably on your bed and rubbing you eye. "I just. . . Can't. I can't do this right now."

Loki looked at you a moment, skepticism creasing his features. "Do what?" He wanted to know.

"This," you stated vehemently, gesturing in front of you as though there was some hidden philosophy residing there. "Loki, just leave. I'm sorry."

For a shadow of a second, there was hurt flashing behind his eyes. It quickly hardened to anger, and he nodded stiffly before disappearing from view and slamming the door a little harder than necessary.

You groaned, falling back against your pillows and grabbing one to put over your face. You didn't want to hurt him, but you had no choice. You could be fired, Natasha had made that clear. Loki could be locked up again, and you couldn't wrap your head around letting that happen all for your selfish feelings. You would have to make things more formal if you had any hope of this working out at all. So you shut your eyes tightly and let the sinking feeling in your chest settle in comfortably. You assumed it would be your guest for quite some time.

It was almost five o'clock when you exited your room again, to hungry to stay cowardly put any longer. You could have sworn you were hallucinating the smell of chicken. When you opened your bedroom door and stepped out into the hall, you were surprised to find that the smell had not been in your head at all. Mouth-watering scents lofted in from the kitchen to greet your senses in a gentle kiss that made you hungry for more.

With your curiosity fully roused, you walked out into the living room that adjoined the kitchen. The lights were dimmed, and the dining room table was set romantically for two, with candles burning in the center.

Upon hearing your confused breath, Loki turned from the kitchen with a roaster pan in his hands. A smile curved his lips upon seeing the look on your face. "Ah," he said, delighted with himself, "I was just about to come and get you, Darling. Please, take a seat. You must be ravaged, since you childishly refused to come out of your room all day."

"No need to be an ass and spoil the effect. Loki, what is all this?" you asked, somewhat shaken, doing as he suggested and taking a seat at the table.

He set down the roaster pan, the source of the wonderful smell. "You see," he began, "it occurred to me that I had clearly done something to displease you—no, don't interrupt, I know the signs, I've been displeasing people all my life—and it was very strange when I realized I couldn't bear the thought of being in your disgraces. So consider this an apology, my dear." He was very close to you, speaking softly in a tone that melted your insides.

"Loki," you whispered, captured once again in those startling green eyes. "I..."

"Don't say anything. Let's eat." He cut into the chicken he had done his best to prepare.

It was completely raw on the insides.

You glanced at him as he briefly sighed, mumbling, "I grew up with more servants than I could possibly know what to do with. I never did quite get the hang of cooking."

The gesture itself made you feel guilt rise high in your throat, but his innocent failure made tears burst from your eyes with an explosive sob. Surprised by your outburst of emotional pain, he dropped the knife he'd been cutting with and came to his knees by your side and put a gentle hand on your arm. "Y/n, I do believe it's time you explained to me what's going on. Have I done something?"

"Yes," you cried, "you've been uncharacteristically sweet, and you're charming and beautiful and thoughtful and I hate it!"

Loki bit his lip and furrowed his brow. "I'm going to need a bit more to go on, love," he said slowly.

You took a deep breath, realizing how crazy you must sound from his perspective. Drying your eyes, sniffling, you elaborated, "I hate it...because I can't be yours, and you can't be mine." You hadn't meant to tell him anything of your feelings, though you knew he already knew of them. You confessed everything Natasha had said to you, and the dangers of being in love for you both. Hearing the sensible words out loud again made fresh tears roll down your cheeks. Loki's expression looked something between devastation and anger; anger at everything that kept you from him, including himself.

He pulled you out of the chair and into his arms, one hand looped around your waist and the other cradling the back of your neck. You clung to him closely, allowing yourself this time-stopping moment of intimacy. His warmth washed over you, calming you. Your tears slowed, and stopped, and you felt him kiss your temple as he considered the mess of the situation.

Finally, you pulled back, just barely, and looked up to meet his gaze.

You took his face gently in your hands, giving him a weak smile. "Why did you have to try and take over the world?"

A small curve of his lips showed his good humor with you. "Well," he replied, "Sometime I just can't help myself."

And then he kissed you, pulling you up tightly against him and sealing your lips with his own. Right now, in this very moment, he didn't care about the danger. The rest of his life be damned so long as you didn't pull away; not just yet.

You had no intentions of doing so. You kissed him until your lungs screamed at you for more air, and then you kept kissing him. The candlelight glowed softly, keeping your forms cloaked in a gentle golden illumination.

Rules had never stopped the God of Mischief before. They certainly wouldn't get in the way now.

He needed a solution, and few sly plans made themselves apparent.

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