Chapter 1

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Bruce's POV

After the meeting with my beta and third in command. I went straight to my office. I loosed my tie and sat down at my chair. I rubbed my temple trying to calm myself down. We've been having problems with rogues lately they've been coming to my territory too much. Guessing that someone is communicating with them. I let out a sigh.

Once I find that guy I'm going to kill him, giving me problems when I already have enough of it.

'Alpha!' I heard one of my pack warriors say through our mind link.

'What?!' I growled at him .

'I'm sorry Alpha but there are rouges who's constantly knocking our warriors unconscious continuously!' He said in a panicked voice.

'Didn't I tell you to just kill them and get on with it?! Besides they're just normal rogues!' I growled at him. Unconscious? Not killed?

'Yes Alpha but they're not normal rogues its Garvan Alpha!' He said in a hurry. I tried to mind link him but I couldn't it seems like he's out.

Garvan, the rogue who accepts request and kills people immediately with no question. I would certainly love to face him off. I've been loosing some stress reliever and I think he would be the right person for the job.

I called my beta James and my third in command Paulo. We went to the second pack house, smelling blood, being the alpha of my pack, just smelling a blood of my pack member made my blood boil, I was angry for having one of my pack members get hurt. But then the smell of blood was hidden by an addicting smell, the smell of  lilies. My wolf howled at the smell and I knew why. I walked a bit more faster with James and Paulo trailing behind me.

I saw unconscious pack members they were out knocked out cold but not dead. My wolf panicked thinking that our Mate was here and that Garvan was here too, our mate could be in danger. After the years I thought I wouldn't be able to find her.

Her smell got stronger and stronger.

'Faster!' My wolf yelled. I wanted to protest for him shouting at me but I couldn't agree more.

I saw 15 of my pack members unconscious, while two other was fighting a female with a cloak on. And two more fighting a male with a black cloak on too. The female went behind the two wolves skillfully and knocked them out simultaneously. The male did the same. They are indeed skilled just like the rumors. They both gave each other a high five and grinned at some direction. I followed their eyes and saw the most breath taking figure I've ever seen.

'MATE!" I wolf yelled happily. Half of her face was covered by a black mask and I saw a diamond patterned in a rose shape and her eyes, it looks like the green forest the most beautiful emerald green eyes I have ever seen. I then saw her mask the rose, she's Garvan! Garvan was a girl!

I look down to her lower body and saw one of my low ranked warriors struggle underneath her hold, I kept on a blank face and studied the strength of my mate. Our low ranked warriors may be low ranked but they are skilled enough to take on two wolves simultaneously. She smiled at me dreamily, how beautiful. My wolf Vipin said She smiled brightly and said" Hi! How ya doing mate?" She said like it was the most casual thing to say in this kind of event. With the wolf still fighting at her hold.

I held a blank face then held a smirk to my face. She pressed something on his neck then the wolf went limp falling into unconsciousness. She got up and brushed the invisible dirt on her cloak, she was about 5'2 tall and her body looks small. 'But that small body of her locked a big wolf twice her size to the ground with ease.' My wolf smugly said.

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