Yuuchiro-Plushie - Mikaela Hyakuya

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The Party was running well. Everyone was having fun. The world was at peace.

As suddenly Shinoa suggested to play seven minutes in heaven or how she said 'Lets throw two people into a closet to repopulate the world.'

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You shoot up in a shock, as someone whispered from behind into your ear. "It's your turn my dear." Turning around you notice that Krul was staying behind you, holding the bag with items.

She took over for Shinoa, who left the party a while ago with Yuuchiro. With a giggle she holds the bag in front of your face.

Sighing, you put your hand into the bag and roam a bit around in it. You decide for something that felt like a plushtoy.

When you pulled it out, you see that it's really a plushtoy, a Yuuchiro-Plushtoy and you are pretty sure who it belongs to.

"Eeeh, Mikaela? I think this belongs to you." you say, pointing with the plushie towards him.

With a blush he grabs it out of your hand. "B-But i didn't put this inside. I am not playing."

"Hehehe" with a giggle Krul pops up behind Mika. "But Mika-chan, Yuu-chan also had fun playing."

"Ok, ok, i go." pushing Krul aside he stays up and walks towards the closet.

"You come?" he asks without looking back. You stay up and rush inside the closet, where Mika is already sitting on the floor.

Krul comes to close the door. "Remember Mika-chan, Yuu-kun vanished with Shinoa, so no Problem for you to have fun too." she says and closes the door.

Darkness surrounds you and Mikaela now.

"So, what now?" you hear Mikaela asking.

"Well, actually we are supposed to do things... you know."


"Yes, things... like..."

Suddenly you can feel Mika breath on your lips, signaling you that he moved right infront of you.

"Like this?" he gently lays his lips on yours.

First perplexed you don't react, but then you start to kiss back.

He lays his arms around you, and pulls you on his lap. He pulls short back from the kiss.

"So that's why Yuu-chan seemed so happy as he left the closet with Shinoa."

With this he pulls you on your collar back into another kiss. Soon his tongue asks for entry, gladly you leave him enter your mouth.

His fangs scratch soft the skin of your lips, but without leaving any bruise.

After some time you need to break the kiss for some air.

Mikaela starts to trail a line of kisses down your jawline and from there down to your neck, where he starts to work on a cute, little hickey.

He kisses apologizing over the hickey, for causing you this pain.

Then he pulls you into a close hug and hides his face in the crock of your neck.

Like this you stay till Krul throw the doors open, almost destroying them.

"Aaaww, Mika-chan found a girlfriend."

Both of you blush at Kruls words.

"Lets go somewhere without someone making stupid comments" Mika whispers into your ear and helps you stay up.

Ignoring Krul, who started dancing around you, asking if you need any advice, you both leave the room. 

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