Ballet Shoes - Urd Geales

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The Party was running well. Everyone was having fun. The world was at peace.

As suddenly Shinoa suggested to play seven minutes in heaven or how she said 'Lets throw two people into a closet to repopulate the world.'

You saw a hyped Shinoa jumping towards you with the bag full of items towards you.

"Your turn (name)-chan."she said holding the bag in front of you.

"If i need to." you answered, putting a hand into the bag.

Your left your hand run over different objects and finally decided for something that felt silky, but hard.

As you took it outside it turned out to be ballet shoes.

"Who of the boys is dancing ballet?" you ask with an raised eyebrow.

Instead of an answer, you can see Urd Geales rising up and walking towards you.

"I don't dance, but watch." he answers emotionless, takes the shoes out of your hand and lays them down right next to you.

Walking towards the closet, he turns short around and asks "You come?"

You jump up and walk past him into the closet. He enters the closet too.

"Have fun you too" Shinoa winks at you both, and closes the door.

Darkness surrounded you both as the door closed.

"So, you like ballet? hm?" you ask him.

"Stop talking, we are supposed to do something else than talking." he says as you can feel one of his arms around your waist.

He pulls you close to him and you can feel his breath on your neck.

His other arms finds his way into the back of your neck. You feel his lips touching soft your skin.

Suddenly you feel pain. His fangs piercing through your skin.

Taking one or two gulps, he stops and kisses you on the hurt place.

As his kisses start to trail their way up to your face and finally finds your mouth.

With his tongue he asks for entrance and you can taste your blood when you open your mouth for him to explore.

His hands start to roam over your body and stop abruptly.

"Time should be over soon." he whispers in a low voice.

With a blush you look on the floor. "If you want to, we can still search for a pretty place to finish what we started."

"That would be nice." you answer shy.

The door opens revealing Ferid with a camera, shooting photos from you both.

"There is the proof, that you love our livestock."

Urd gives a short growl from him, takes the camera from Ferid and says in a cold tone

"Know your place Ferid Bathory."

He takes your hand and leads you to somewhere else to finish what you started. 

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