Pornmagazine - Norito Goshi

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The Party was running well. Everyone was having fun. The world was at peace.

As suddenly Shinoa suggested to play seven minutes in heaven or how she said 'Lets throw two people into a closet to repopulate the world.'

"It your turn (name)-chan." Shinoa says as she walks with the bag, full with items towards you. She hold the back in front of you. "Choose."

You are not really interested in playing this game but you put your hand into the bag and pull the first object out that your hands catch.

A porn-magazine. One of your eyebrows rises, as you know exactly to who this item belongs.

"Goshi, you pervert" you yell in his direction, raising the magazine in his direction.

He turns to you. "Ah (name)-chan choose me. I am so lucky to get such a cute girl" he says with a grin on his face.

"You can take the magazine and go inside alone." you answer.

Staying up from his place he tells you "No chance that i go alone."

When he is in front of you, he takes the magazine out of your hand.

You start to walk towards the closet, Goshi behind you.

"If i have to." you sigh, as you suddenly feel Goshi's hand on your butt.

"Oi Goshi, the game starts inside not outside." you hear Guren yelling at Goshi.

With big, surprised eyes you turn your head to Goshi. As you see his grin you just roll your eyes and head into the closet.

Inside you press your bag against the wall and let yourself slide to the floor.

Goshi enters to and sits down.

"Have fun, you two, but not too much." Shinoa says with a giggle and closes the door.

As soon as the door is closed you feel Goshis arms around you and his breath on your ear.

"Lets have some fun." he whispers into your ear.

With one of his hands he pushes your face to the side to face him.

His hand cupping your face.

"You look cute." he says.

"It's dark. Idiot." you poke him against his forehead.

"Can i .." he starts just to get interrupted by you. "Kiss me already, pervert."

With this you both crush you lips onto each others.

As his tounge asks for entry, you gladly open your mouth and leave his tongue roam your mouth.

After a while you break apart.

"Could we finish this in my apartment?" he asks in a low voice.

"If you throw those pornmagazines away, sure." you answer.

"Hehehe, this will be hard, but i think i will do it, for a cute girl like you."

With this the door opens and reveal you and goshi inside each others arms.

"Times up guys" Shinoa shouts at you both. "Wow, Goshi, (name)-chan is still wearing her clothes."

"Jealous?" Goshi asks Shinoa and give you a hand to stay up. Turning to you he says "Lets go?"

"Yes, lets go. But remember what you have to do for me." 

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