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"Juliet Ann Wellington! Don't use that tone of voice with me, young lady!" 


"Stop yelling and sit down!" 

I collapse into a seat dramatically, my head buried in my hands. 

I can't believe my parents were sending me away! 

Granted, my grandmother was sick. 

But still! Couldn't they take me with them?

"Mom," I blubbered. "W-why can't you take me with you?" 

My mom stands in front of me, gently stroking my hair. "Sweet pea, it pains me so much to leave you. But  grandma is VERY sick, and she needs us. We don't have enough money to take all of us, and you need to continue school. I don't know how long it will take for her to get better." 

I sigh, bringing my head up to look at my mother's blue eyes. "I do want Grandma to get better..." 

Mom nods. "And that can only happen if you go live with Liz and Marcus." 

"But I don't know them! Why I can't stay with one of my friends here?" 

"Because you shouldn't put that responsibility and burden on them. It isn't right of us to ask, but Liz and Marcus volunteered to keep you. And they are paying for your ticket! They are our oldest friends, and are basically like family." 

I wiped my tears, leaning my head on my hands. "There really is no way out of this? Is there?" 

She shakes her head, sealing my fate. 

This was it. 

I was moving to California. 


"I promise I'll skype, text, call, facetime, and email you every second I get!" Grace sobbed into my shoulder. She was my best friend, here in Pennsylvania. We were at the airport, saying our tearful goodbyes. 

"Last call for passengers boarding flight 1790 to..." 

"That's my flight." I said in a solemn voice. I peeled myself from her arms and gave her a sad, small smile. 


I wave at her, and then hug each of my parents. "Have a safe flight, honey. Feel free to call us anytime," they remind me and with that, I board my flight to hell. 


"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap." I say repeatedly as I run to catch up with my suitcase on the carousel. I had just arrived and was currently trying to get my luggage. I manage to get a hold of the handle and try to lug it off, but it's too weak. I continue to curse as I use all my force to bring it off. But, it was no use. Suddenly, a voice interrupts my efforts. 


I turn around, still holding on to my luggage. 

When my eyes find who called me, I let go. 

In front of me stands a drool-worthy boy. 

He has dirty blond hair ending in slight curls that is messily tousled on his head. His blue eyes seem to be amused at my efforts of carrying my suitcase and he is wearing a t-shirt, defining his toned chest, and jeans. 

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