"Get up! You're going to be late!" A voice practically screams in my ear. 

"WHA? Huh?" I yelp, and flail, falling out of my bed and onto the floor, tangled in the covers. 

"I said to get up! We do have school, you know!' 

I blearily rub my eyes, blinking, to see Colton standing above me. He glances at his phone. "You have about 10 minutes to get ready." 

I sigh. "I've done 5." I get up and quickly scurry over to the closet and grab a floral dress. I lock myself in the bathroom, turning my head in time to see Colton take a seat on my unmade bed. I roll my eyes and quickly brush my teeth and wash my face. I take a moment to assess my hair. It had tried in its natural, curly-frizzy way last night so straightening it was out of the question with the time limit. Sighing, I slipped on the the dress and managed to wrangle my hair in a plain braid going down my back. I didn't really wear makeup, only eyeliner or mascara if it was a special event or something and concealer to hide pimples, but luckily I didn't have any acne right now. 

"5 minutes!" Colton yelled through the door. Grumbling to myself, I took one last look at myself in the mirror before exiting. I slid on a pair of brown sandals and grabbed my backpack, which only contained a notebook, pens and pencils. 

"Ready," I chirp to Colton who was lying down on my bed. "And get off my bed!" 

He sits up straight and frowns at me. "Good, let's go." He exits my room, swinging his backpack on his shoulder. I follow him and exhale a deep breath I didn't even know I was holding. 

So far, so good. 

I race down the stairs, trying to keep up with Colton's long strides. "Where are your parents?" I ask, curiously. 

"Oh, they go to their office crazy early in the morning, so I only see them at about 5, when they come home." 

Colton got into his fancy car and I entered the passenger side. "So, how is the school anyway?" 

"Great, except I already did all the chicks, so nothing new." Colton shrugs, carefully reversing. I scrunch up my face in disgust. 

"You're a pig." 

He smirks at me. "You never let me finish. Nothing new, but now there's you," he winks. 

I gape at him, blushing. "You're infuriating." I state, trying to keep my temper in check. It was way to early for this kind of behavior, and I didn't even eat breakfast! 

We drive in silence and quickly we pull up to the giant school. "Woah," I say under my breath. 

Back home, my class size was about 300 kids. Here it was probably 1,000 per grade! Colton parks and I suddenly notice all the kids milling around have stopped talking and are staring at Colton and I as we get out. 

"Colton," I whisper. "Why are they staring?" 

He just winks at me and jogs over to a bunch of really fit guys, who fist bump and laugh along with him. I suddenly feel very self-conscious as kids narrow their eyes at me to try to figure out who I was. I glare at the back of Colton's head. What kind of guy leaves the new kid stranded?

A jerk, that's who! 

Keeping my eyes trained on the ground, I enter the school and sigh. Turning, I see the main office and quickly scurry in. I speak to the secretary and she hands me my schedule and locker number and directs to me to my homeroom. 

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