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___________________________________________________________________________________"So," I cleared my throat, trying to clear the awkwardness. After Colton stormed out, Liz and Marcus continued getting dinner ready as if nothing had happened. Then we all sat around the table, eating in silence. "How was everyone's day?" 

"Oh, Marcus, I forgot to tell you, our lawyer came by..." I tuned out after this, as Liz and Marcus got into their own conversation. I quickly finished my dinner and excused myself, wanting to finish my enormous amount of homework. As I started on my english, I realized that I needed to get one of the reading materials for the class. Checking my phone, I saw that it was 7, so the library should still be open, right? 

Mentally praying it was, I jogged downstairs, where Liz and Marcus were watching TV. "Hey, can I go to the library?" 

Liz smiles up at me. "Yeah, sure, sweetie. It closes at 9, and it's only about 2 blocks away." 

Sighing in relief, I got directions from Liz, grabbed my bag, and began walking. I was on main street, when I passed a bar that was blasting music. I glanced through the big, glass front, and did a double take. 

Was that... Colton? 

Curious, I entered the rowdy place, and made a bee line for the dirty blonde. I tapped him on his shoulder, and he swung around to reveal, that he was, indeed, Colton. 

"Colton? What the frick?" I exclaimed. 

"Jules, lighten up, man," he grinned, tipping his glass of liquor at me. 

"What the hell was that back at the house? And how the hell are they serving you drinks?" I demanded. I wanted- no, I needed answers from him. What was with him getting tipsy all the time? 

"Well, first, none of your business. And second, it's called a fake I.D. genius," he rolled his eyes at me, smirking. 

"How much have you had?" 

"Only like 2," he muttered, holding up 5 fingers. 

"Okay, we're going home," I sighed, trying to pull him away from the table. 

"What? You think you can boss me around too? What was with everyone thinking they have control of my life?" He suddenly spits, surprising me. 

I blink, and then scowl. Colton was a spoiled, little, rich kid who had to get his head out his butt. "Listen here, Colton. I'm not bossing you around. Nobody is controlling you. Heck, nobody can control you, because you're too busy getting drunk all the time! Now, I need to go to the library, so you can either decide to come with me, or not, and get punished by the parentals. The choice is all yours," I rant, and then quickly wheel around and march out of the bar. DAMN, THAT FELT GOOD! 

I lean against the brick wall, outside, waiting with bated breath. Maybe I was too harsh on him, I mean- 


The door flew open, and Colton stepped outside. "Let's go the stupid library." (Gif on the right or above) 

Trying to hid my internal glee, I glared at him and began down the sidewalk. 

"The library is the other way," Colton called out after me, and I could hear the amused tone in his voice. 

"Right," I mumbled, turning around. I didn't even have to look to know that Colton was grinning. "So," I say, sneaking a glance at him. His head was down, feet kicking at rocks. "Where were you today? At the bar?" 

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