Sunday just consisted of bantering with Colton, naps and food. I also went shopping with Liz for school supplies and was now zipping up my full backpack. I straightened my floral blouse and white shorts and went downstairs. I woke up on time today, so I could breakfast! Yay! 

I put some bread in the toaster and poured myself a cup of coffee. Minutes later, my toast popped out and I buttered it, then took a seat at the counter. As I began to eat, Colton came down. 

"You're finally up on time," he notes, reaching for some of my toast. 

I swat his hand away. "Says you." 

"Yeah, about that... I'm skipping today." 

"Skipping? As in skipping school?" I clarify. 

"No, I'm going to go skip rope. Yes, ditching school!" He scoffs, grabbing some leftover pancakes from the fridge. 

"Well, how am I supposed to get to school?" 

"Because I'm such a nice guy, I'll drive you." 

"And what are you going to do?" 

He turns to me, sneering. "None of your business." 

I put my hands up in defense. "Just curious! Someone is very pissy today." 

He scowls at me for a moment, then smears maple syrup on his pancakes. 

"Is is somebody's time of month?" I wince, mocking concern. 

Colton looks up at me, and if looks could kill, I would foaming at the mouth spazzing on the ground right now. 

"Let's go," he growls and stomps out, leaving me cackling in the kitchen. I take my last gulp of coffee and then leave, backpack in tow. Colton locks the door behind me and we both walk to the car.

As we begin to drive, I remind him, "You do you know that skipping school is wrong."

"Thanks, mom."  

"I'm just saying. You could get into serious trouble. I don't know what the Oakwood's code of conduct is, but in my school, if you hit a certain number of detentions, unexcused absences, or whatever, you were kicked out of everything. Like sports. Like lacrosse," I explain, trying to get it across to him that he might get dropped from the team. 

He slams angrily down on the steering wheel and I jump. 

"Wha-" I begin, but Colton cuts me off. 

"I don't care," he spits, glowering at me. 

I meekly nod, intimidated by this agitated Colton. We drive in silence from then on, my muscles tense. When Colton pulls up infront of the school, I practically leap out and the moment I'm on real ground, Colton screeches away. I exhale a breath I never knew I was holding, and enter the school. 


I was pretty early today, so that left plenty of time for me to find my locker. I followed the numbers, stopping at 456. I looked at my hand, where I had scrawled down my combo. I entered the numbers in the right order, but the door wouldn't budge. 

I tried again, and again, and again. 

But it was to no avail-that dang door wouldn't open. 

"Ugh!" I exclaimed, banging my head on the door and then groaning at the pain. 

"Something the matter?" A voice interuppts my annoyance. I open my eyes to see Tom. 

"Oh! Hi," I greet. 

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