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"I tried to pry away from the rope that tied me to the chair" . The guy walked away and i heard him say into the phone

"300 million then i wont hurt her just drop it off where i tell you to and if you call the cops , I gurauntee she will lose something" . Thats all i heard, i rubbed my head trying to remember what happened. "I woke up and went for a run to try and forget about going back to LA and leaving Krystal.I realized the time and went back so i could go to mall with Krys. When i reached for my phone to call her and the guy knocked me out" i thought. He came back where i was sitting.

" Relax you will be fine as long as your dad gives me the money he said it will take a few days so im keeping you that long" he said with a grin. I just sat thier looking at the floor and was thinking of Krystal. I wonder if she's worried about me.


"Where is she? she hasnt called or anything im starting to worry. Key doesnt know what wrong with her either but i think he might be hiding something." I went to the park where Amber said she was and didn't see her. I saw something on the sidewalk and it was some dried blood and Amber's phone. Without any thought i ran back and went straight to Key's and Jonghyun's room. I was extremely worried that something bad happened, i had tears in my eyes thinking about what could have happened. I reached Key's room and was crying so much i couldnt see. He opened the door and saw my crying and said

"Krystal what happened? Why are you crying?"

"I...I went to the park to look for Amber and i found her phone and dried blood , we were supposed to go the mall but she left me a note saying she was at the park" I said wiping tears out from my eyes

"WHAT?!?!" Jonghyun jumped up from his bed and exclaimed

"BABE KEEP IT DOWN YOU"RE GONNA SCARE HER!" Key yelled at Amber's dino twin but now that i think about they do look like Dinos

Im sorry Krystal but what could have happened what should we do?" Jonghyun lowered his voice this time

"I'm going to call her dad see if something happened............" Key said as he reached for his phone and went outside

"Jonghyun call the others they are probably worried too" Key ordered. Jonghyun went to call the others and within minutes 2min, Sulli, Victoria, and Luna and i was still sitting on Key's bed trying to not cry in front of everyone.

"What happened" Everyone asked Key while i was still crying my eyes out

"Ok everyone might want to sit down for this" Key said so everyone sat

"Amber......." He bit his lip before letting a tear fall "Amber got...........kidnapped" Key said

"Don't let this get out or else the kidnapper will kill Amber" I just sat there looking into everyone eyes hoping that this was a joke and Amber would come back soon but it wasnt...

"Why" i asked "why do they pick her?"

"Dont you know?" Key asked

"know what" i said biting my lips trying not to cry but i feel tears falling

"Her father is a rich businessman in the States he own several companies and this school" He said. Shocked i said

"How come no one told me this?" I was sad, mad, and worried all in one

"Because Amber doesnt like people to know she has money or else people will treat her differently" Key said.

"Great so everyone else knows but me" I was mad because i loved Amber and i didnt want anything to happen to her. I've only known her for a few days but she made me happy and she cared for me.

"I'm sorry we didnt tell you Krystal" Key said "Her dad told me the kidnappers want 300 mil. and if we call the cops shes going to ..........." I knew the horrified looks on everyone faces. We couldnt belive what happened. Key piped up holding back tears and said

" Last night Amber texted me and said her dad wanted her to move back to LA so to forget about it she went for a run like you said since that's what she does to relieve stress. And she also told me that......that she didnt want to leave you." He looked at me right in the eye when he said it. Then i realized I liked Amber and she might be gone.

"LA? Thats why she was sad last night? i asked and he said yes

"I dont want to do this but i have to" He looked at me again and said

"Krystal, Amber didnt want to leave because she's in love with you but now because of what happened i want you to know so its not............too late.

I was shocked and stunned . I didnt know what to say so i just bursted out crying again. I opened my eyes and realized everyone was shocked with thier mouths open and staring at me.

"She's going to be fine i know it" Key said with a weak confidence

"I'm in love with her too" i said and managed to look up at everyone gasping with thier jaw dropping

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