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"wha...what?!!? DID YOU JUST SAY 401?!" i shouted in shock.

"yeah it says right here on the key. Why are you yelling?" she said


"WHAT?!?!" she exclaimed. I can tell she was shocked too but she was really excited as well.

I was still standing there in shock when she waved her hand in my face asking me if i was ok.

"Yeah im fine just happy that i can see you alot"


I blushed when she said that.

"im happy i can see you alot too" i said

Amber showed me to the room. I looked around and saw half the room belonged to Amber it had a football, some SNSD posters and a lot of expensive things like a Flat Screen and lots of gaming devices along with a huge closet.

"Wow your room is really cool" i said

"Well its not mine anymore, It's ours" she said while smiling

Go 'head and set up your half of the room, i'll tidy up a little bit" as she went to her side and started picking up clothes on the floor. The empty side had a bed and a drawer. So i pulled my bags in when i accidently dropped one on my foot.

"OWWW!" i yelled when ambered came over to help

"Are you ok?" as she picked up the rest of my bags and moved it my half of the room. Amber told me to sit down on her bed and she would help me unpack. So i told her where i wanted my things and she smiled as she put my stuff down. Sulli, Victoria, and Luna came in as she was finishing up unpacking my things for me.

"So you two are in the same room now" Vic asked us

"Yeah isnt it great Krystal?" Amber asked me

I blushed and said "Yeah it's going to be fun being roommates with Amber"


"fun? does she like me? no she cant we just met right? ughh Amber why does your heart beat so fast when you're talking to her? STOP.THINKING.ABOUT.THIS" i said while mentally arguing with myself. Just when i was done Luna and her byuntae self asked us "What do you guys mean by fun?" Which caused both of us to blush a crimson red.

"AISH! Luna get your byuntae self out!" i said while laughing to get the awkwardness out

Krystal just glared at Luna. "well fun is fun i dont know what i mean"

"Whoa i didnt know she could be so icy" i thought

"Since tommorow is Saturday , Krystal do you wanna go shopping with me to get some things for your room and stuff?" i asked ignoring Luna and the others giggling

"Sure i would love to go" she said

i said ok then " how about we grab some dinner with the guys too? i know Luna wants to go see Onew" i smirked while Luna was embaressed. Everyone nodded and we decided to go get pizza so i texted JongKey, 2Min, and Onew. We met up with the guys at the pizza place and started random conversations. When Key (my best buddy) noticed that Krystal didnt talk much he asked why.

"Im just a little shy thats all" she said

"theres no need to be shy Krystal we are all friends here" Jonghyun said

LA LA ireoke chA~ chA chA ro AH~!
Shinnandagoya~ lacha lacha tata
Noraereul ttara momdo ttara ga Now everybody,
Neomu shwipji dadeul joha Baby~

My phone rang it was my Dad 

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