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Ok this is now or never Amber, spill it out!

"Yes Amber?" she said with her angelic voice

"I..uh.. You look nice today" Ugh i cant say it. Im so stupid! I mentally facepalmed myself.

"Oh..ok thanks" She looks diappointed. I.AM.STUPID! Dang how could i be so dumb!

"Hey Amber, i something to say too" she said

"Amber , I love you, Ever since i sat down next too you on my first day. When im with you i feel happy and my heart pumps 1000 times faster. Will you be my girlfriend?" My mouth dropped open, I looked into her eyes and she wasnt kidding. OMG OMG OMG OMG I FEEL MY HEART RACING!

"YES,YES ,YES! Krystal i feel the same way about you! Ever since i met you i fell in love with you". I smiled and hugged her tightly, I went up closer to her and kiss her soft lips we only stopped we ran out of breath. I hugged her again and she fell asleep in my arms. We woke up in the morning and I saw my dad and Key come in.

"Where are the others" i asked

They are back at the University, I took the day off from school" Key said

"Listen Amber , Key told me about you and Krystal and i can see it too" My dad said and he pointed to the sleeping Krystal in my arms. While i gave Key a death glare and he backed up.

"So i decided to let you stay in Korea and continue studying"

"WHAT" i yelled out which caused Krystal to wake

"You heard me, Love is beautiful thing so im not going to separate you two"

"What happened" said Krystal that was rubbing her eyes

"My dad is letting me stay! i dont have to go to LA!"

What, REALLY?!?!"

"Yep im staying with you" I smiled and brushed her hair out of her face. She hugged me and gave me a quick peck.

"Come on Amber and Krystal its time to go" Key said. I got out of hospital clothes and put on street clothes which Key bought. As we left i said goodbye to my dad and got into Key's car. We got back to the University and i was holding Krystal's hand. We made our way to the cafe which i got looks from all my friends .

"We are official now" I said to my friends and sat down with Krystal and everyone was smiling and happy. Krystal gave me another peck on my cheek and i blushed.

"Sheesh Amber we are together now, Why are you still blushing" Everyone laughed which made me blush even more.

"I Love you Krystal" i said

"I Love you too Amber"


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