New girl

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I saw a really cute guy and notice a free seat next to him. When i sat down he was staring at me , blushing i stuttered "Hi , i....i'm ..Kry... Krystal Jung"

He smiled and said " Hi im Amber" and stuck his hand out for me to reach.

"Amber? Isnt that a girl name" i asked while shaking his hand

"Well considering im a girl it seems appropriate" he wait no she? said with a killer smile.

"Oh" i said shocked "I'm sorry I were a..a....guy"

"It's ok i get that alot, So where are you from i've never seen you before" with another yet charming smile that made me wanna melt even if she was i girl.

"I'm from San Franiciso.. you know in the US? " i said while blushing as she kept smiling

"oh really im from LA " she said. The bell rang for the next class which was Music

"So whats your next class? i know the school so i'll help" Before i answered she saw my schedule and said "Hey well i guess you're in all my classes"

I was really happy to be in the same classes as Amber so i said " Well that means we can get to know each other more then". I felt my cheeks burning and knew i blushing

She helped me get to Music class and asked if i could sit next to her. I immediatly said "Yes", since i was happy to get to know her"

Before i knew it , it was lunchtime and we were all starving by now

"Why don't you come with me and ill introduce you to all my friends" she said while i nodded and followed Amber to the cafe.


I saw all my friends sitting at a table so took Krystal's hand and dragged her to where they were sitting.

"Hey guys this is Krystal , she just moved here from the states". I noticed they were all staring when i realized that i was still holding Krystal's hand and she was blushing which made me blush. I let go of her and said

"Krystal these are my friends Taemin, Minho, Key, Jonghyun, Sulli, Victoria, Onew and Luna", pointing to them as i said thier name

"Hi guys" she said while waving and i guess she was blushing because my stupid dino twin, Jonghyun asked " Are you two dating?"

Which i said "No!" immediately which was true but she is really cute i thought to myself

So we sat down and i realized we were all in couples , which isnt unusual because i was the only one single while Taemin was dating Minho, Key with Jonghyun , and so on , which made me feel left out. So we all ate lunch while me and my friends were getting to know Krystal. It turns out that she knew fluent English like me , so we had a few english conversations while Key was trying to impress her with his english like saying i look like a "lizard" but came out like "bizzare". So we all laughed at him when he was telling my dino twin or his boyfriend to "shut up". The rest of the day went really fast and each class me and Krystal were getting to know each other more and more by sitting next to each other. When the final bell rung i wanted to help Krystal get her dorm assignment so I walked her to the dorm management office. I waited outside while she went in.

"I really hope she got her dorm room next to mine. afterall my room is only me so there's a possibility that she got the same one as me .............. but no way thats a slim chance" i thought

"Hey Amber!" she called me which made me snap from my thinking. " I got room 401, Can you show me where it is?"

My mouth dropped open wide and i thought " No way my ears must be playing tricks with me theres no way she could have the same classes AND room as me....... no.. IMPOSSIBLE"

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