Phonecall from dad

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I picked up my phone.

"Excuse me guys" as i smiled at Krystal making my way outside the pizza restruant.

"Hey dad" i said into my phone.

"Amber how are your studies going? Is everything ok at the University?" my dad said

"Yeah dad evrything is going great, What about you and mom?"

We are fine too, Listen Amber I need you to fly back LA for a few months to help out with the family business"

"What?!?! No i cant leave now i have something........somebody to..........." All the thoughts about Krystal rushed to my head. Her smile, her blushing, her perfect features....

"Amber? Hello? AMBER? " i snapped back at my dad's voice

"Yeah why do you do need me you said you wanted me to stay here at study at YOUR school"

"well we are having some setbacks here in LA. Im gonna put you on a flight on Sunday so you have time to say goodbye to your friends" No.... NO...NO! I cant leave especially now i thought when i met the girl of my dreams.

"Are you sure dad cant you find someone else because i ...i"

"You what?" my dad said. I can tell he was mad

"Nevermind so sunday?"

"Yep bye Amber see you then"

"Bye dad"

What do i do now? I cant leave Krystal..............because im in love with her. I went back inside to find Krystal laughing at everyone else. So i put on a fake smile which Key knows it's a fake. Key has been friends with me for 10 years even when i was in LA he came to visit me. I can't hide anything past him.

"Amber what's wrong?" He said which turned everyone elses attention towards me.

I know i couldnt say it but nor could i hide it. I just looked up and said

"Nothing I'm just tired thats all" with a tired expression hoping everyone would fall for it. Everyone ....except Key.

"All right its getting late anyway let's just head back to the dorm" suggested Minho

Everyone nodded so we got back once i was back in the room with Krystal i couldnt help but cherish the last 2 days i had with her since it's already Friday night.

"Are you ok Amber?" Krystal asked with a worried look on her face. Her face made my heart skip i beat.

"Yeah im fine im just gonna go to bed now" i said trying to look as tired as i could

"oh ok me too Goodnight Amber" while she was getting in her bed

"Goodnight Krystal" and i turned off the lights. I couldnt sleep the thought of leaving the girl i just met but loved so much just made me cry.

Hot Summer Ah Hot Hot Summer
Hot Summer Ah Hot Hot neomu deowo

I heard a text from Key

From: Key

Are you ok? dont tell me you are because i know you're not


My dad wants me to go to LA for a few months. and I cant leave Krystal she's a great friend


You like her dont you? thats why you dont want to leave because you're in love. I can tell she likes you too


What?! no way i dont even think she's into girls..............

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