Chapter 21: The Strongest Bond Part 1 (M)

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The morale was now at an all-time low. Only two representatives walked away as winners...or technically one. Anastasia had beaten Akihiko and was now pitted against Kieran...and her own friend Saku. Due to Lexi's harsh action, Saku's spirit is now broken and with no option left has joined the shadow league with only Anastasia retaining all the hopes of the students resting with her.

All of Saku's friends were gathered in Aries room. Aries and Mia were sat up on the bed, they were now conscious but still badly hurt. Lexi was sat to a chair being cleaned up by Jessamine as she bandaged her arm and Mochi was also in the room sitting next to Aries. Sophie, Aureline and Anastasia had finished telling Aries and Mia all the details of the fight.

Mia looked worried while Aries looked shocked "so...Saku has joined the shadow league?" asked Aries sadly "no..."

"We...only just got him back as well" said Mochi sadly "What do we do now?"

"I...don't know Mochi" said Sophie also at a loss "I...just don't know. Saku didn't feel a single attack Lexi dealt to him"

"Lexi...why did you do it?" asked Mia "What made you betray him?" Lexi didn't answer

"I...just...don't know. I guess...I was just scared of how quickly Saku had grown" Lexi looked for the first time very upset "and now...we've lost him" Lexi hung her head prompting Jessamine to rub her shoulders.

"Come on we can't give up" said Anastasia encouragingly "there's got to be some way to help him" just as she said this a knock came from the door.

Everyone turned to the door expecting someone to enter but no-one did. Jessamine closest to the door approached it "hello? Anyone there?" Jessamine than cautiously opened the door "hello?" Jessamine looked at the hallway to see it empty "who's there?" Jessamine then noticed something on the floor "What's this? A note?"

"Jessamine what is it?" called Sophie beckoning Jessamine back inside the room "What have you got there?"

"Well I don't know who knocked on the door but...they left this"

Sophie took the note and unfolded it "there's a message. Let's see...the heart is the strongest and yet most the fragile part of a person. Once a person has succumbed to immense mental pain they close off their hearts, to prevent any more pain from being inflicted to them. A person with a closed heart, is a lost soul. Unable to feel emotion or pain they wander without purpose or reason" the mood of the girls began to fall as Sophie read it "but...they can still be saved"

Everyone listen intently as Sophie took a breath "the heart isn't well and truly closed. It's still dimly shining in the deep darkness of despair. Those who share the strongest bond to this person can reach out to it, and bathe it in their light to break them free of their prison of darkness. Only he/she can give them the purpose they long for. Be honest with yourself...and the person may reach out to you" Sophie finished the note and checked the back "and that's it" Mia then thought

"That note was definitely referring to Saku" said Mia "But who sent it?"

"Not a clue" said Jessamine "the hallway was empty. The note said...those who share the strongest bond"

"It's all we've got at this stage" said Mia "the person who shares the strongest bond?"

Aureline than turned to Anastasia "I think Anastasia...that's you" Anastasia looked uncertain

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