Eternal Courage

Eternal Courage

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Bio Duelling. The sport that has taken the world by storm. A one-on-one combat between fighters with special powers. Saku, the youngest child of the Stritos family, has none of the talent or prowess which has made his family world famous. A Laughing stock with zero talent he is sent to the worst academy, Green B.U.S academy

This is his only chance. Will he finally live up to his name? In-between the lazy students, the harsh fights and the secret evil society trying to rule the'll have to see.

Look 4 any chapters with (M) for special music tracks.

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anushka1718 anushka1718 Jun 08
Every time I read this, I imagine it like I'm watching an anime. Am I the only one?
Ooooohh! THIS is the first book...*facepalm* stupid me! 😫
This is my thrid time reading this seris irs just so amazing
NerdQueen16 NerdQueen16 Jan 09, 2015
I have a feeling that this a going to be an awesome read and a permanent addition to my library. Chapter 1 here I come!
zetablade zetablade May 20, 2014
Ah the classic corner bump the oldest way to introduce a character in the book
lexypalmer49 lexypalmer49 May 13, 2014
OMG... i love this book it is amazing..ok on to next chapter :-) :-) :-)