Eternal Courage (Wattys 2014)

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Theodore By Theodore21 Completed
An anime inspired action story.
    Bio Duelling. The sport that has taken the world by storm. A one-on-one combat between fighters with special powers. Saku, the youngest child of the Stritos family, has none of the talent or prowess which has made his family world famous. A Laughing stock with zero talent he is sent to the worst academy, Green B.U.S academy
    This is his only chance. Will he finally live up to his name? In-between the lazy students, the harsh fights and the secret evil society trying to rule the'll have to see.
    Look 4 any chapters with (M) for special music tracks.
    Full Credit for Cover goes to Ayumi_Chizu
    Full Credit for any Music goes to the Respective Owners (NOT ME)
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I have a feeling that this a going to be an awesome read and a permanent addition to my library. Chapter 1 here I come!
For some reason this story is like any other story, the strongest person always has to have the weakest offspring
It could be Anime that looks like Manga or vice versa I suppose
Actually, it could be both. Anime is animated Manga. That, and most mangas are in black and white. The cover is in color, and looks like it could be from an Anime.
You need to use more commas instead of the three full stops for future reference
story is good but there r a few grammar mistakes here n there.