Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Sebastian King.

The name itself was rarely spoken aloud, and could make grown men cringe and cower in fear.

At the age of twenty-one, he ruled the most dangerous gang, and London to be honest. Rumor has it that he has insiders on the police force, and knows what is happening everywhere else before the rest of police.

Now, to say something even slightly disrespectful to him could get you killed.

So, to be as utterly stupid as I was, and hit him- well, I might as well go out and dig my grave right now, that is, if Sebastian doesn't kill me first and dump my body into a bin in an alleyway.

"You're just as impulsive as people say you are." Sebastian said, with his hand still tangled painfully in my hair.

"You're not as scary and tough as people say you are," I spat out, refusing to give into the quaking fear that was taking over my very being.

His dark eyes narrowed and within mere seconds, I was pushed onto the ground, staring into the barrel of a gun. I've been in many life-threatening situations; trust me, but never have I been so utterly defenseless.

Through the corners of my eyes, I watched as Sebastian's men pulled out their guns, pointing them at my brother, Nate, and Will. My throat tightened and I felt my vision start to darken.

"Not scary and tough, eh?" Sebastian hissed out, kneeling down so that he could get up into my face.

My hard, cold exterior that I prided myself in slipped for only a fraction of a second, but that didn't stop an evil smirk from slipping onto his face. Even as he tucked his gun into the back of his pants, I found myself unable to move, in fear that he would whip his gun out and blast my head off.

"You really are a stubborn bitch," he said, amusement shining in his eyes.

Straightening up to his full height, he motioned for his men to lower their guns, and said something to the man at his left.

"Danny, why don't you and I have a little chat? It's about what we discussed earlier this week." Shifting slightly, I was able to see the way Danny paled and glanced at me nervously.

What the hell is going on right now?

Danny's spoken to the Sebastian King before?

Danny shakily nodded his head, and began to take cautious steps towards his office at the end of the hallway to the right of me. The green-eyed accomplice of Sebastian followed him, and Danny looked back to Nate and Will, jerking his head for them to follow.

I stood up, expecting to be included in this meeting, but found myself being pulled back into a hard chest by the blonde haired boy that had stayed behind.

"Sorry babe, but you'll be staying with me." The scruff on his chin scratched the side of my face and I held my breath as he pushed me towards the couch.


I quickly sat down, unable to settle into the couch due to the nerves that were keeping me on edge.

So many thoughts were going through my mind. Why in the world had Danny met with Sebastian King before?

"You look nervous." The blonde haired man stated, eyeing me.

The sound of his voice tore me away from my thoughts, and I jerked forwards, nearly falling off the couch in the process. I could have sworn that I saw a ghost smile shadow over his lips as he made his way over to me.

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