Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Twenty

"One for the money, two for the show

I love you honey, I'm ready, I'm ready to go

How did you get that way? I don't know

You're screwed up and brilliant,

Look like a million dollar man,

So why is my heart broke?"

-Lana Del Rey "Million Dollar Man"

Trust; it's a two way street, as is respect.

So what happens when they are abused? Well that how people become corrupted.

Trust and respect are not easily earned, but holy shit, they can be lost with the snap of a finger, let me tell you that.

I stared at my shaking hands as I sat in the back of the police car, my stomach knotting with trepidation. The fear was paralyzing me, making me sick and dizzy as I watched the scenery pass by through the windows of the car.

In the front sat Sampson and some woman, who by the looks of it, was a police chief of some sort. I felt as though I was about to throw up, as each passing second sent waves of nausea over my body.

How did this happen? How did we go from being so happy, to being completely and utterly fucked.

I feel frustration rack my body as my mind worked over all the newfound information I had just been flooded with.

After Sampson had left me, I let the tears wash over my face. I was hurt, quite obviously, and sickened to my stomach. I cried until my throat was raw, and I was left with a bloody taste in my mouth. My head ached intensely, and I found myself unable to breathe. Even in the midst of all my choking, I continued to cry and sob until I felt nothing.

How I longed to feel numb again.

But not right now. Right now I felt everything; all those emotions I've buried have come back to life. Anger surged through my veins. It fueled my every thought and every breath.

I was livid and this hatred made me blood thirsty.

Betrayal, it's the absolute worst.

It's sickening, consuming, and brings out the true evil that every person fights to keep hidden.

But that's just it. We are human, and humans are flawed and corrupted. We have to be, in order to survive. The evil that dwells within all of us is controlling; yet it's always the weak ones who fight it.

They are the ones who want to stay pure.

I scoffed to myself.

It's the strong ones who allow the evil to take over, to devour them fully. And by doing so, you give yourself the power to destroy that evil.

Betrayal ignited the evil within me, the evil that I have not faced in quite some time. But rather being alarmed by it, I welcomed it.

Betrayal took me by the hand and led me to Chief Carter. It whispered all the words I spoke, as I followed it with adoration and infatuation. It was my guiding light during the downfall of my reality.

Betrayal took the last bit of humanity right from me.

Betrayal left me as a shell of my former self: the girl who allowed herself to be carefree and loving.

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