Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen- Fear


"Look into my eyes

It's where my demons hide"

 I was bitter, sickened with ill resentment.

Shaking with unleashed rage, I acted without thought and found myself standing in front of Eric Hook.

I felt my stomach twist with an onslaught of emotions as his body stirred at the sound my footsteps. Dried blood speckled the walls and floor, and the metallic smell filled my nose upon my entrance.

I felt my body seize as he lifted his head, his cold eyes meeting my own. A demonic laugh fell from his lips, and I considered running from the room, as I done just the other day.

"Well, well, well, back so soon? I'm beginning to think you might like me, Miss Summers."

And instantly, I regretted my decision on coming back to the devil himself.


His body was slumped against the wall, a simple yet effective chain holding him hostage within the room.


My heart was pounding, almost threatening to fall from my chest. I was dizzy, nauseous, and my breathing was much to unsteady for my liking.


"Why?" Though my voice was a mere whisper, it echoed through my head as if I had screamed it.


His dark green eyes peered up at me, as a sickeningly twisted smirk danced across his lips.


"Why what?" He asked, although it was clear he knew what I was asking.


I growled lowly, tightening my hands into fists. "Why did you not shoot me? Why would you think I have nothing to live for? Who are you to be the judge of me? Huh?"


My voice was shaky, and uncontrollable. I was fighting to mask my emotions, but it seemed almost impossible at that moment.


Eric chuckled; his beaten and bruised faced taking on a sardonic expression.


I felt as though I was going to pass out at any second.


"Your eyes," he hissed, "your eyes said it all."


I felt myself freeze as I processed his words.


Could it be true? For one second there, did I drop the veil and reveal myself for who I really was?




"Ah, ah, ah," he tutted, "denial is only natural at this moment, but you should know one thing."


I waited impatiently, and motioned for him to continue.


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