Chapter Fourteen

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I'm going to start adding song lyrics at the beginning of every chapter now, only sometimes will they have something to do with the chapter- AND I will also be titling the chapters.

Chapter 14- Instinct

                                     "She wiped her eyes, it was no surprise

                That she was lost and far from home, strange unfamiliar signs

            Little to coincide; however she packed her bags and made her way

                                            Anywhere her feet could take her"

"What would you say if I told you I had a very important job for you, one where failure isn't an option." His solemn expression mixed with the serious air in the room left me tense and worried.

I kept my mask on, hoping that I wouldn't let it slip.

"I can do it," I said, my voice firm and full of confidence.

Sebastian shook his head and leaned forwards against his desk. I watched as his eyes closed and slowly opened, those dark, searching orbs taking in my emotionless façade.

"I know you can, Evie," he said, moving his chair closer to his desk. "I'm asking if you want to."

I stared blankly at him, my tense body stiffening even more as I sat in the plush chair across him.

My instinct was to tell him that I did, that I wanted to risk my life and in turn end other's. That was what I knew how to do, that was what I was trained for.

For the first time, I heisted. I went against my instinct and thought over what Sebastian was asking me.

"Will I have to kill anyone?" My monotone held away the shaky fear that had built up as I thought over what he had said.

Sebastian didn't hesitate, "If everything goes right, then no."

"And if it doesn't go right?" I asked, leaning onto his desk, my cold blue eyes spearing his dark brown ones.

Sebastian merely tipped his head to the side, confirming my question. I bit my lip and looked away for a moment, before looking back to him.

"But that's why you'll have the best back up out there." With his signature smirk, a series of nerves broke out within my stomach, and I felt myself grow slightly lightheaded at his words.

Then, matching his smirk, I leaned back into the chair and folded my arms, a mischievous glint sparking in my eyes.

"I want to do it."

Sebastian chuckled, "I knew you would."


One day earlier

The pattering of feet against the stiff tarp of the mat echoed across the gym. I felt my breathing become labored and painfully strained within my lungs. My heart was at an all time high, but the adrenaline pulsing through my veins fueled me.

Callum moved in for a headshot, but I quickly deflected him, and sent a hard punch into his stomach. I took advantage of his momentary weakness by easily kicking out his legs from underneath him.

In seconds, I had him pinned to the mat. I smirked as he finally gave up, and tapped out, allowing me to fall in a heap by his side.

Sweat ran down my body, practically soaking through my sports bra and even dripping into my shorts.

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