2 - Can't Escape Fate

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I scowled at the two guys sitting in the front seats and gave Jack the most evil glare I could summon.  It didn't seem to faze any of them.  They just stared at me like I was the most boring thing since the remake of 90210.  They pretty much ignored me.  I hadn't seen the red head since we left the gym.  I assumed she was in one of the four black SUV's that had been waiting outside the gym. 

"Can we at least stop at my house so I can get a few things?" I asked at last.  If I could get them to agree then maybe, just maybe, I stood a shot at escaping.  Once I got away, I'd call my Gran to come get me.

"Everything you need will be provided for you," Jack told me. "Your father and mother have been contacted already and will have your things ready when someone comes to collect them tomorrow."

"She's not my mother."

Jack smiled.  "No, I guess not, or you wouldn't be Snow White."

"Look, there are things I need tonight..."

"Look," he cut me off.  "I know there are things you need tonight and they will be provided for you, Sara.  You are not getting out of this car until we get to the airport."

"Airport?"  My eyes widened.  No one knew where Ravenwood Academy was located, but I hadn't really thought about that fact until this moment.  He was taking me away from everything, from my Dad, my friends, and my Gran.  No.  Panic hit and I wanted to run, to scream.

He reached over and hauled me into his side, his arm wrapping around me and holding me in an iron-clad grip.  "It will be okay, Sara, I promise."

"Okay?" I shouted.  "You kidnapped me and everything will be okay?"

"We're not kidnapping you."  The guy in the front passenger seat turned around so he could face me.  "We're taking you, home."

"My home is here!"

"No, it's not," he disagreed, his soft blue eyes trying to reassure me.  "You are special and you need to be with your own kind.  Your home is with us."

"Will my Dad be there?  My Gran?  My friends?"  When he frowned, I plowed on.  "No, they won't!  My home is here with them.  Ravenwood will never be my home."

Jack sighed and his fingers started rubbing slow circles in my upper arm where he held me.  I don't think he was even aware of doing it.  It actually calmed me down just a bit. 

"I'm Logan," the guy introduced himself.  "This is Paul.  We know exactly how you feel.  We were sitting right where you were once."

"Well, not right where she is," Paul laughed.  "I wasn't all cuddled up against Jack."  He wiggled his eyebrows at Logan and then refocused on the road.

Logan shoved him good naturedly.  "Shut up."

They were good friends.  I could see that right off.  They had that vibe going on.  Logan was blonde and blue eyed and Paul was darker than sin, his black eyes almost lost in his ebony skin.  If not for the situation, I would have laughed at their antics, which was probably what they were going for.

"So who are you two?" I asked instead. 

"We aren't fairytales," Logan told me.  "We're strictly Supernaturals.  I'm a wolf and Paul here is a Spell Caster."

"Like a witch?"

Paul's laugh was loud and warm.  "Sorcerer."

Their laughter made me miss my best friend, Julie.  I knew she'd be blowing up my phone, but Captain Jack, as I'd taken to mentally calling him, had confiscated it as soon as he threw me in the backseat and climbed in.  She must be so worried.  I needed to figure out how to get away.  If I could just find a phone and call my Gran, she'd come get me.  I let out a frustrated sigh.

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