Just Because We Share a Bathroom Doesn't Mean You Can Stand There While I Shower

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This was the most awkward family dinner I'd ever had.

Well, it was awkward for me, but for the rest of the dinner table, tonight was going very smoothly. My mom and Marissa were having a deep conversation about some celebrity love scandal, and my dad and Cameron were talking about something manly. I think it was sports related, but I could be sure since I wasn't a big sports person and a lot of the terms were lost on me.

No, this was the most awkward family dinner because Duke was sitting across from me, and while he was partly involved in the dads' conversation, he was smirking at me. He knew I was uncomfortable, and he was reveling in it.

After I'd somewhat gotten over the shock of finding the guy I'd drunkenly made out with in my living room, and I suddenly gotten scared that my mom knew who he was. However, as the introductions went on, I realized that she genuinely didn't from the way she smiled warmly at him. My mom must've just seen me kissing a guy, not specifically Duke.

That made me feel about one percent better.

"Hey Harper."

I resisted the urge to cringe, and I hooked on a fake smile. "What?" I asked, and Duke raised an amused eyebrow.

"I hope you don't mind that I'm staying at your house for the rest of the year," Duke stated smugly, and then he added at the end, "Harper."

Since my mom had introduced me, Duke hadn't stopped saying my name. I knew for certain that this was because I had refused to tell Duke my name at the wedding reception, and now that he knew it, he was going to flaunt it.

"It's no problem," I replied through a clenched jaw. I actually did mind, now that I knew who our guest was, but I could say it in front of my parents. I didn't want them to know what happened with Duke, and I could only pray that he wouldn't blow my cover.

That's when I remembered about school. Duke was enrolling in my school, and he was going to be in my grade and hanging out around people that I know. All it would take would be a few words, and Duke would successfully start a rumor about us making out. Some people would definitely not believe it, but still, I would be subject to a rumor that I knew to be true.

"Hey, Duke," I said quickly, "When are you starting school?"

"Tomorrow, I think," Duke replied, and he glanced over at Marissa, who nodded in confirmation.

"Great," I drawled, and despite the smile I was wearing, I wasn't too thrilled.

"Speaking of school," my mom piped in, and she turned her attention to me, "Harper, would you mind showing Duke around? I have been to you school, and it is huge and easy to get lost in."

My mom knew this from experience. Last year, at parent teacher night, she had to follow my schedule and meet all my teachers, and she ended up getting lost and wandering around aimlessly for forty-five minutes. Then, she decided that it wasn't worth it and left. Frankly, I was in high school, and my mom meeting my teachers wasn't a huge deal to me.

"Sure," I said slowly, and I glanced over at Duke, who had a faux-innocent expression.

"I would really appreciate it, Harper," he stated, and I had to resist the urge to glare at him and say something obscene. Instead, my grin got wider, brighter, and faker, and I dug my nails into my palm underneath the table.

"Harper?" my mom asked, gaining my attention, "Do you think Olive would mind giving Duke a ride to school, as well as yourself."

Damn it, Mom! I thought to myself, but I didn't let that frustration show through. Instead, I nodded and said, "She'd probably be okay with it. I can call and ask her later tonight, though."

"Olive?" Duke echoed, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, Harper's best friend since elementary school," my dad explained, "She gives Harper a ride to school every morning so that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn."

"Ah," Duke said with a nod. He gave me a suggestive look, and I refrained from rolling my eyes.

If Duke thought he could charm the pants off of my best friend, he was wrong. She was batting for the other team, and she would shut him down immediately. Now that my mom had pretty much volunteered Olive's services, I was going to have to tell her what happened at Aunt Jenna's wedding. I didn't want Duke to be the one to do that.

"You know," Cameron interjected, joining the conversation, "I'm surprised Duke and Harper didn't meet at Jenna's wedding. I mean, we were all there."

"Actually, Dad-"

Without hesitation, I kicked out underneath the table, and my foot made contact with Duke's shin. He grunted and glared at me, and I shot him a warning look before putting my smile back on and turning to look at Duke's dad.

"Well, it was a pretty big wedding reception," I said sweetly, "We may have seen each other in passing, but I was mostly hiding from my dad."

"I wasn't that drunk!" my dad declared with a laugh.

"Oh, Babe, you definitely were," my mom replied, raising an eyebrow in amusement.

For the rest of dinner, Cameron, Marissa, and my parents started talking about drunk mishaps and such, since apparently, they were all very experienced in that field. Save for the occasional laugh or comment, both Duke and I stayed quiet. I was uncomfortable in the situation, but Duke seemed to be enjoying himself.

After desert, which was a store bought apple pie with ice cream, Cameron checked his watch and sighed. "We should probably head out," he stated, "Its late, tonight's a school night, and Marissa and I have a plane to catch in the morning."

"Oh, really?" My mom asked, pouting dramatically.

"Sadly, yes," Marissa confirmed, and my mom pushed back from the table and stood up.

"Daniel and I will walk you out," she stated, prompting everyone else to get up from the table.

"It was really nice to meet you guys," I said warmly, and when I went to shake Marissa's hand, she surprised me by grabbing my hand and pulling me into a tight hug.

"You seem like a wonderful girl, Harper," she stated genuinely, "I know you and Duke are going to get along just like siblings."

"Yeah," I said slowly, and I pulled out of her embrace. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from making some comment that could let on any of the parents in the room to my little encounter with Duke, and I quickly shook Cameron's hand. "Hopefully I'll see you guys again."

"Oh, you probably will," Marissa replied with a dismissive wave of the hand, and she and my mom walked out of the dining room. They were quickly followed by my dad and Cameron, and I was left alone with Duke.

"So, Harper," Duke said, melting into an arrogant asshole, "You still dreaming about my kiss?"

"What kiss?" I asked innocently, in case my parents were just around the corner.

"Don't play coy," Duke replied, and he stepped up so that I was forced against a wall. Duke put his arm up so that it was blocking my way out. "You and I both know what happened, and I wouldn't mind continuing that."

"I was drunk and you took advantage of me," I stated, and I ducked under his arm, "As far as I'm concerned, we're not continuing anything."

"Are you sure?" Duke asked, grinned at me, "I mean, we are living under the same roof. I'm sure the sexual tension will be very hard to handle."

"I'll manage," I replied, and I started out of the dining room. "My advice," I called over my shoulder without looking back, "don't mention a thing to my parents, and maybe go say goodbye to yours."

Then, without giving him a chance to say something else, I walked out of the dining room and down the hallway. I said another quick goodbye to Marissa and Cameron, and then I hopped up the stairs to my bedroom. I pushed inside and closed the door quickly behind me. Then, after making sure that the bathroom door was also shut, and also locked, I pulled off my dress and tights so that I was just in my underwear.

I was going to need a shower tonight, but I still had a little homework to get done. So, I just pulled on a pair of plain pajama shorts and an oversized sweatshirt, and I unzipped my backpack. I threw my sweater from earlier at the hamper next to the bathroom, and then I pulled out my AP European history textbook. However, I caught sight of my phone, and I frowned.

Better now than later, I thought to myself, and I sighed as I punched in Olive's phone number.

"Yell-oh!" I couldn't help but grin at Lillian's singsong voice. She and Olive were inseparable, despite the fact that they both went to different schools, so her answering Olive's phone wasn't abnormal.

"Hey Lil," I said, pulling my knees up to my chest, "Can I talk to Olive for a second?"

"Wow, Harper," Lillian replied, her voice suddenly sad, "Am I not good enough for you? I'm so offended and hurt right now." I chuckled, and the other end of the phone crackled as Lillian did as well. "Gimme a second while I get her," Lillian said happily.

"Thanks, Lil," I replied, and she grunted in response. A few moments later, I could hear the phone being transferred from Lillian's hand to another one, and then I recognized Olive's voice.

"Hey Harper," she said, and I could tell from her voice that she had been laughing, "What's up?"

"I need to tell you something," I stated, "But you have to promise not to get mad."

"Harper," Olive sighed, "You should never, ever, start a conversation like that. I mean, now I think that you axe-murdered someone, or you beat someone up, or you broke into my house and stole my Lucky Charms."

"I did none of the above," I replied with a laugh.

"Good, because no one steals my Lucky Charms," Olive stated firmly, and I could hear Lillian cracking up in the background as Olive asked, "So, tell me, what did you do?"

"I made out with someone."

"Hold the fucking phone!" Olive cried, making me wince since she was right in my ear. "You made out with someone? Harper, you're a woman now! Forget that bullshit about becoming a woman when you get your first period; womanhood comes when you swap spit with another person."

"O, I was drunk when I did it," I replied, and I reached up and unclipped my bangs, "it was at my aunt's wedding two weeks ago, remember? I told you I got wasted and had a terrible hangover and stuff."

"Oh, yeah, I remember," Olive replied matter-of-factly. "I was very proud of you for that." I grinned and rolled my eyes as I thought back to the giant hug and high five I'd gotten from Olive when I'd told her.

"Anyways, I'm sorry for not telling you that part," I said genuinely, "I sorta just wanted to forget the whole thing happened. It wasn't exactly the classiest act in the world."

"I can totally understand that," Olive commented, and then there was a pause before she asked, "Just out of curiosity; why are you telling me now? I mean, you said you didn't really want to think about it or remember it."

"Well," I drawled, "You remember how a family friend's son was coming tonight to stay with us for the rest of the year?"

"Yes, I do, and," Olive's voice trailed off for a moment, and then I heard her gasp. "No fucking way, Harper!"

"Yeah," I confirmed, "Yeah, it's the same guy. His name is Duke, and he's living in the room next to me, he's enrolling in our school, and oh, did I forget to mention? I need you to let him ride with us to school now."

"Um, excuse me?" Olive asked, and I could just see her raising her eyebrow at me, "I need to do what?"

"Please, Olive?" I said tiredly, "my mom mentioned that you give me rides, and now everyone expects that I can get Duke a ride to school. You would be saving my ass here, Olive."

"When you put it like that," Olive replied slowly and in a teasing tone, "I guess I have no choice other than to agree."

"Thank you so much," I said, breathing out a sigh of relief.

"Now that's I've volunteered my car, though," Olive continued, "Tell me a little bit about this Duke."

"His name is perfect," I replied frankly, "I mean, he comes off as an entitled, arrogant jackass. He doesn't seem to take no for an answer when it comes to flirting, and he thinks he's the ultimate catch for a girl."

"And yet you made out with him," Olive commented.

"I was drunk," I stated pointedly, and Olive laughed.

"Well," she said, "I can't say I'm excited to meet him, but I am excited to shut him down."

"I'm sure you will," I replied with a chuckle.

I heard the sound of Olive talking to someone, probably Lillian, and then she laughed. "Hey Harper?" she said quickly, "I have to go now, but I'll see you and your jackass roommate tomorrow morning, okay?"

"Alright, see you then," I replied, and then the call disconnected. I dropped my phone off to the side on my bed, and I then I cracked open my textbook to try and start on the section of reading I had been assigned.

It took fifteen minutes for me to get bored.

I shut the textbook, dropped it on the floor, and sighed. I decided that now was fine for me to go take a shower, and then I could just try and get my homework done afterwards.

I pushed myself lazily up off of my bed, and then I walked over to the bathroom. I unlocked the door and stepped inside, and I grabbed a towel from the cabinet built into the bottom of the sink. I dropped the towel on the top of the toilet and after turning on the shower to a comfortable temperature, I stripped and stepped under the spray.

Showers are great places to contemplate life, think about problems, cry, dance, or pretend you're a pop star. I mean, sure, you use a shower primarily to wash yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't belt a Gavin Degraw song at the top of your lungs.

About ten minutes into my shower, just after I managed to get the paint out of my hair, I heard the sound of the bathroom door open and I close. I froze and slowly put my razor down, since I had been about to shave my legs, and I reached for the shower curtain.

I peeked my head out while being careful to hold the curtain so that I didn't reveal my body, and I saw none other than Duke standing at the sink, shirtless, and brushing his teeth.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" I screamed, and Duke turned around slowly.

"You know?" he said, gesturing at me with his toothbrush, "You, dear Harper, are not a good singer."

"Get the fuck out!" I yelled angrily, "I'm in the shower!"

"Yeah, and I'm brushing my teeth," Duke replied levelly, "This isn't just your bathroom anymore."

"Are you serious?" I asked in disbelief.

"Deadly," Duke stated, and I could tell that he was enjoying this, which just pissed me off more. I was never drinking again because apparently, I don't have a good judge of character when I do.

"You're an ass," I deadpanned, narrowing my eyes at him as I stepped back and made sure the curtain was fully closed. Then, I reached over to the water knobs and turned off the shower. With my hands planted firmly on my naked hips, and I looked up at the ceiling in annoyance and asked, "Can you please hand me the towel on the toilet, Duke?"

"Since you asked so nicely," Duke replied, and a second later, Duke stuck his hand through the shower curtain, and I quickly grabbed the towel he was holding. I quickly wrapped it around my body, and after making sure that everything was covered, I let out a deep breath and pulled the shower curtain.

Duke was still standing there, and he was still very much half naked. He looked very amused, and I just glared at him. "In the future," I said as I stepped out of the bathtub, "Don't brush your damn teeth when I'm in the shower."

"And if I do?" Duke asked.

"Just don't," I replied firmly, since I didn't really have a threat ready. Then, I turned and walked out of the bathroom. I shut and locked my bedroom door behind myself, and then I leaned up against the cold wood.

How was I supposed to survive the rest of this year?


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What do you think about Duke now that Harper isn't drunk? How do you think Olive is going to treat him? Any predictions for the future?

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