I Don't Care If You Don't Like My Chapter Titles; They Aren't Changing

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Excuse the Mistakes

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“Are you really going to keep ignoring me?”

I wasn’t even tempted to turn around and look at Duke as I walked out of the front door of my house and towards the awaiting Olive sitting in her car. I pulled open the passenger door and ducked down into the seat, and I quickly buckled myself in.

Taking one look at my tense expression, Olive grinned and asked, “So we’re not talking to Duke?”

“Affirmative,” I replied, and I looked at her out of the corner of my eye while still facing forwards. Olive snorted, and as Duke climbed into the car, her expression immediately changed from amused to blank.

I sensed Duke coming between the front seats, and he looked from me to Olive before throwing his hands up in the air and falling back into the backseat. “Are you guys serious?” he asked, and when we didn’t respond, he groaned. “This isn’t fucking kindergarten!”

The corners of Olive’s mouths twitched, but she fought the urge and stayed stony-faced instead of laughing. As funny as I found Duke’s kindergarten comment, I was too pissed off at him to waver. I did, however, flick on the radio because the silence in the car was getting awkward.

The ride to school seemed longer than usual, and when we finally pulled into the school parking lot, Duke let out an audible sigh of relief. Olive parked in her usual spot, and before she’d even turned off of her car, Duke was out of the backseat.

“Wow,” Olive commented, looking from the door to me, “He really wanted out.”

I opened my mouth to answer, but before I could, someone knocked on my window. I jumped, slapped my hand over my heart, and whipped around to see who had managed to scare the crap out of me. Of course, it had to be Duke, and he was standing just outside my door. There was really no way to avoid him when I got out, which I knew is what he wanted.

“You could always crawl over to my side and get out of my door,” Olive suggested, putting a hand on my shoulder. I debated doing that for a moment, but then I just shook my head.

“I’m ignoring Duke because I’m pissed off,” I replied, shaking my head, “I’m not scared. He being there shouldn’t stop me from getting out of the car, and I don’t have to talk to him.”

“I see your point,” Olive said with a nod, and I gave her a small, pained smile before I reached for the door handle. I slung my backpack over my shoulder, and I let out a deep breath before pushing the car door open and climbing out.

Duke, with one hand on the top of the open passenger door, smirk triumphantly at me and said, “Harper, you and I both know I’m not going away. This whole childish game will end, and I will still be here.”

So many responses, many including the words “jackass” and “prick”, ran through my mind, but I just bit the insides of my cheeks and stayed silent. I left Duke to shut the car door behind me, and I walked over to Olive, who was texting someone, probably Lillian, while standing at the back of her car. I nudged her arm, and without looking up, Olive kept pace with me as we started towards the school.

“Harper, wait up!” Duke yelled, and I could hear the sound of his shoes slapping against the pavement as he hurried to catch up with us.

“Walk faster!” I hissed, and Olive snorted. However, she listened, and we kicked up our speed. I wasn’t going to outright run away from Duke, but I wasn’t going to slow down either.

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