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Your Pov

You were in the dreamscape practicing with your brother Bill "Ok (Y/n)(your name) Try making things appear"Bill said,I focused and control my energy to make something appear i closed my eyes and concentrate then i opened my eyes making hot coffee appear at Bill's head "Hey what was that for!"Bill said after he jumped."For fun"I giggled "Anyways go to bed"he said "But Whyyy I'm a demon i don't need sleep!"I complained "Well you know you're half human"he replied "Half human? More like a human with demon powers"You said "Yea"he said as he pinched your cheeks "Good night Sweetheart"he said as he left your room.

(time skip Morning)

You woke and brushed your (h/l)(hair length)(h/c)(hair color)hair and took a bath and put on some (i/c)(Insert wished clothes).After you put on some clothes Will came for the practice.As he was explaining some things you decided to talk "As you can-" "Brother what it's like out there?" "Well (Y/n) dear it's not safe out there so until you grow up older you ca-" "BROTHER IM 16 Still not old enough for you" I questioned "Well why don't we continue our lesson"He said to change the subject 'Dang it one day ill prove myself' I said to my mind "What was that?"he said, I think he read my mind better stop thinking "Got it?"he said "Yea Whatever" I replied.

(Time skip night)

"Good Night (Y/N)"Will said as he leave my room.'Alright time for the plan to leave dreamscape 'You started packing things like clothes,charms,amulets,spell books.After you finished you put in some (i/c) and the necklace that they gave you that have a Silver triangle and a silver chain " Okay now i'm ready" you said as you snapped your fingers and left the dreamscape

(In Reverse falls)

"Woah what a beautifu-"You said but cutted off because you bumped into someone with white hair and a pine tree hat "I-im S-sorry"He apologized "It's Okay my name is (Y/N) by the way" I said "G-Gideon,Gideon Pines"He said "Well nice to meet you see you around"I said while running to the woods and found a great place for my new house.I snapped my fingers and made a house it's like a simple wooden house."Perfect"I said to myself and run in to my new room which is colored (f/c)(favorite color)and plopped into my bed and started sleeping.

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