Seriously, How Do People Burn Water? It's Water!

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"Okay, now add the magnesium shavings."

I tipped the small test tube and watched as the metal flakes started to drop into the beaker. However, one shove from behind caused my hand to shake, and the magnesium spilled all over the black stone tabletop. I swore under my breath and glared up at Chad McKenna as he high fived his friends at their lab table.

Cleaning up all the shavings took a good chunk of time, seeing as I wasn't supposed to touch them with my skin, so before I could finish the lab, the bell rang. I swore quietly but grabbed my backpack off the ground. I could just add this lab to the pile of others ones I didn't finish thanks to Chad and his meathead friends.

How they were in AP chemistry, I had no idea.

I pushed through the sea of students to my locker only to find my "neighbor", Tara, leaning against it and making out with her boyfriend. "Excuse me," I said, tapping her on the shoulder.

"What?" she spat, tearing her lips from his. Tara's eyes focused on me and she smirked. "Enjoying the view, Harper?"

I refrained from rolling my eyes at the rude way she said my name, and I pointed at my locker. However, before I could say something, and arm was slung over my shoulder and a familiar voice said, "You mean the view of you sucking face with your overly horny boyfriend?"

I glanced to the side to find my best friend, Olive, with her eyebrows raised provocatively.

Tara's eyes narrowed and she crossed her arms over her extremely exposed chest. She looked like she was going to say something back, but then her head snapped back to her boyfriend. "C'mon, babe, let's go find somewhere where we won't be interrupted!"

"I'm sure the boiler room is open!" Olive called after them, and then she pulled away from me. "That girl is a bitch," she remarked, and I rolled my eyes. I reached for the lock on my locker and Olive swatted at my hand. "Careful!" she cried, "You might catch a STD."

"You're ridiculous," I said with a laugh, and I twisted my combo into the lock and pulled it open. I emptied my backpack and then reloaded it with the folders and notebooks that I'd need for my next couple classes. Then, Olive and I started through the hallways of the school, our elbows linked.

Olive and I had been best friends since fifth grade, when she stood up to a bully for me. I was the new, quiet girl in school, and apparently that made me an easy target during recess. However, Olive had tackled the head bully toe h grade and shoved his face into the sandbox. After she'd gotten back from a meeting in the principal's office, Olive and I became inseparable. To this day, she was the more outgoing one, and I was the quieter one, but she was still working on getting me out of my shell.

That said, I hadn't told her about me and the mystery guy at my aunt's wedding reception two weeks ago. I had been dead serious when I said I wanted to keep it a secret from everybody.

"So what did you do all weekend?" Olive asked as we shoved through the mass of students crowding the hallway.

"What I always do," I answered, "I sat in my room watching Netflix, did homework, and slept. Is there any other meaning to a weekend?"

"You need to get out more, Harper," Olive groaned, throwing her free hand up dramatically. "I swear, you've actually made if your mission not to have a social life for your entire high school career!"

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