"I would spar with the boys at school. This guy I had a crush on, we called him Spitfire -- I gave him a bloody nose and lip, so needless to say the romance did not work out!"

― Ashley Greene


"I think the lady told you to leave."

The movement of his lips pauses due to the voice. I open my eyes to gaze at the speaking boy. His face was dark under the moonlight, it was hard to recognize. Chad turns around drunkenly, my body relaxing when he leaves the contact. I hold my wrist rubbing at the painful red area.

I look at the scene ahead of me, the boy who shouted before has grabbed Chad's shirt now. Who is he?

I wipe the moist under my eyes carefully, clearing my view.

"Stay away from her would you!?" The guy shouts on Chads face. The voice was too familiar to me. I was too scared to go near the angry males.

"What are you going to do, Nerd!?" Chad laughs loudly. My head shout up at the words. It makes sense now, Harry? What is he doing here? I mean how can he come at a club?

There was a punch thrown on Chads jaw, making him stumble to the side. I gasp at the act, meeting Harry's gaze. He didn't had glasses on, his hair weren't stick like usual, they were a bit messy by the wind. He still wore the outfit from school though. He looked attractive, surprisingly attractive. I couldn't help but stare at him, the dark shadows giving in the attractiveness.

A punch was shot on Harry's cheek, the impact making him almost fall on the ground but he kept his balance. I gasp louder than before fighting with myself whether to stop them or not. I'm so stunned at the moment that I can't think straight.

What was Harry even thinking? How can he even think of fighting with Chad? I am thankful he's here or god knows what could have happened but he has no idea how much he'll hurt himself. Why is he helping me when all I do is ignoring him every time & I am regretful suddenly

Multiple punches were thrown at Chad, making him fall on the floor. My eyes wide, my hand covering my mouth. I had no idea Harry would be this strong, but Chad is drunk anyway.

"Come on, Beth." Harry's voice makes me jump, my eyes finding his. His breath was heavy, drops of sweat rolling down his forehead as he holds his hand out for me. Ok, he looked really hot. I felt some kind of electric shocks flowing around my body when he said my name. Shut up, Beth. What are you thinking? My gaze drops to the floor when I realized I was staring at him, my cheek heat up. What is happening?

"Hey Harry!" Chads knuckles came in contact with Harry's stomach making whimper in pain. Multiple punches were thrown on his face, the impact making him fall on the ground.

"Chad!" I shout. I want to stop Chad but my body is almost fragile. I never even dreamt of Harry and Chad fighting yet Harry looking so damn attractive. Chad jumps on top of Harry, throwing more punches.

"Chad stop." I held his shoulder, pushing him away. Being the stronger one, he dodges my hand throwing more punches on Harry.

"Chad, Stop! I swear I'll call the police." The words came out before I could stop them. Chad pauses, looking up at me. Even in the dark I could see blood gushing from his nose, his lips badly injured.

He gets up from the body, Harry growling in pain. Chad chuckle loudly, walking towards me. I take each step away from him, my breathing getting heavy. He takes a wider step towards me keep even closer. I jump backwards, my bare back hitting the cold wall.

"Let's finish we're we left, baby." Chad spoke, his hand smacking on the wall beside my head. I felt the lump in my throat grow, my hand flying on his chest to keep him away.