Chapter 3: Meeting

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"Who are you?" Emelio asked looking at them.

"We're team C we saw you're fight and just wanted to come and congratulate you" Coco said looking at them.

"Oh thanks hey let's go do something what do you say?" Emelio asked looking at the two of them.

"Yeah let's go," Coco said looking at him. The two then walked away leaving Fox and Amy alone.

"Where are they going?" Amy asked looking at Fox.

"She's probably going to get him to carry her bags when she goes shopping," Fox said looking at her.

"Well want to go do something then?" Amy asked looking at Fox.

"What did you have in mind?" He asked looking at her.

"I don't know . . . music store maybe," Amy said looking at him. Fox smiled at this and looked at Amy.

"Sounds like a plan," he said with a smile on his face.

Ruby then watched as the two of them walked away. "Well what do you want to do?" Ruby asked staring at her team.

"Let's head back to our dorm." Blake said looking at the leader of her team. As they were walking Blake once again saw something that made her upset.

The entire team of CRDL was picking on a Faunus. "I hate the way they treat Faunus," Blake said looking at the four of them.

"Yes even though I'm not very found of Faunus the way they treat them is worse than what I would ever do to one," Weiss said looking at them.

However they saw Shadow walking towards them. "Well if you don't like them then this certain will be somewhat entertaining." They heard a voice say beside them.

"Frost? What do you mean entertaining? Is Shadow going to do something?" Yang asked looking at him.

"Not Shadow is going a thing at the moment Vain on the other hand is a little upset," Frost said looking at them. Carbin then kicked the Faunus who was on the ground.

However he stopped when he felt someone tap his shoulder. Carbin turned his head and was confronted by a male with Black hair and golden eyes. Carbin would have asked what he wanted if it wasn't for the sudden fist that had found itself in his gut.

After he had a large amount of wind flew past him and Carbin coughed up a large amount of blood before hitting the ground. "You three can decide who goes next it makes no difference to me." Vain said looking at them.

"Didn't realize Vain has a soft spot for Faunus," Blake said looking at Frost.

"He doesn't he hates Faunus," Frost said looking at them.

"So he's a racist like the others?" Blake asked looking at Frost.

"No he's not because he hates humans too," Frost said looking at him.

"So he hates everyone?" Weiss asked looking at him.

"No he hates everyone except Shadow," Frost said looking at them.

"Why? They share the same body I figured he would hate Shadow more than anyone," Weiss said looking at him.

"Most cases you'd be right but in this case no. Shadow and Vain have an odd but powerful relationship almost as strong as family. Shadow trusts Vain more than anyone and Vain cares for Shadow more than he cares about himself." Frost said looking at them.

"How'd that happen?" Ruby asked looking at him.

" . . . I don't think that Shadow would want me telling you that. Although who knows maybe we'll tell you one day," Frost said looking at them.

When Frost said this he heard footsteps behind him. "What a vulgar display," They heard a new voice say. Frost then looked behind him and saw a tall female with white hair tied into a bun.

"Winter what are you doing here?" Weiss asked looking at her.

"I just came by to ask if you would want to join me for some tea." Winter said looking at her younger sibling.

"Yes it'd be nice to catch up with you," Weiss said looking at her. It was at this moment that she took notice of the male in front of her.

"Hello my name is Winter may I have your name?" She asked looking at him.

"F-Frost, m-m-my n-name i-is F-Frost," The black haired male said looking at the female in front of him his face turning a visible shade of red.

"Are you always this articulate?" Winter asked looking at him.

"O-only a-around p-pre-pretty girls," Frost said looking away from Winter his hand on the back of his head clearly nervous.

"Pretty girls huh? Hehe I prefer the term beautiful but I appreciate the compliment nonetheless." Winter said looking at him.

"I-I'll b-be sure t-to remember that then," Frost said regaining some of his lost composure.

"That's good it'll do you well if we ever meet again," Winter said looking at him. "Until then I'll leave you with this," Winter said pulling out a small card.

Frost looked at the card it was business card with the words "Atlas military Winter Schnee," with a series of numbers under it.

Frost then looked up to see the woman who had given him this card and when he did he saw that she was gone. However the shorter white haired female looked at him with a look of distrust in her eyes.

"I don't know what you plan on doing with my sister but I just want to say that she deserves someone who won't hurt her." Weiss said looking at him.

"What are you talking about?" Frost asked looking at the white haired female in front of him.

"You're really going to play stupid Frost?" The familiar voice of Shadow asked as he walked up behind his partner.

"What?" Frost asked once again confused.

"It's obvious that you like her. You were around her fir less than a minute and you turned into a stuttering mess." Shadow said looking at his friend.

Frost's face turned red and he looked as if he was going to say something but nothing came out. "Alright fine," Frost said as he turned to look at Weiss.

"Look if things between me and your sister become anything more than just friends I'll be sure to let you know." Frost said looking at Weiss.

With this the white haired female sighed and walked away. "You better," she said as she continued ti walk.

"Don't worry about her she's always like this," Ruby said looking at them. "Well bye guys," Ruby said as she rab after her partner.

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