Chapter 4: Trust

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The team of RWBY were currently walking through the streets of Vale. Blake had heard that several known members of the white fang had been spotted by the docks recently and thanks to the heiress of the four they knew that they were after a large shipment of Dust.

"So are you sure that they'll be here today?" Weiss asked looking at the black haired female that was on her team.

"Yes I am sure that they will be here today and with Roman out of the picture it'll be a lot easier to catch them," Blake said looking at the female in front of him.

However as they were talking two figures showed up at the docks. "This is ridiculous why are we here again?" Shadow asked looking at Frost.

"My special order of dust is supposed to arrive today. It'll make things a lot easier when it comes to me being brave around Winter," Frost said looking at Shadow.

"Oh alright well that's cool," Shadow said looking at Frost.

"Yeah you know you should try to find a girl to," Frost said looking at him.

"I've tried and each time Vain interferes so that the relationship just doesn't work out for me," Shadow said looking at the male in front of him.

"Really? Well that kind of sucks," Frost said looking at him.

"Yeah I've actually had several love interests before and each time Vain just . . . kind of ruins it," Shadow said looking at the male.

"Oh . . . well changing the subject now do you know where Emelio has been all week?" Frost said looking at Shadow.

"He's been shopping with Coco. He says he doesn't mind having to carry all the bags. He also says that sometimes if he does a good job he get's a kiss which would explain why he keeps going back." Shadow said looking at him.

"Sounds like he's got a crush too," Frost said looking at him.

"Yeah who knows maybe one day we'll find the two of them in the park playing fetch," Shadow said looking at Frost.

"I forgot he likes to do that," Frost said looking at Shadow.

"Yeah he doesn't do it very often but he usually enjoys himself when he does," Shadow said looking at them. The two stopped talking when they heard a loud horn in the distance.

Shadow and Frost smiled and ran towards the docks even faster causing the four females that were following him to also speed up. When they got there Frost approached the boat and was gone for several minutes.

When he returned he had a black suitcase with him. It wasn't until now that they noticed that the team of RWBY were in front of them.

"Hey what are you doing here?" Frost asked looking at them.

"We were just investigating a rumor. Turns out that it was just a rumor," Weiss said looking at them.

"Alright well let's head back home. I've got something I need to prepare myself for," Frost said smiling at the females in front of him.

As they walked home Shadow and Frost whispered softly to each other. "What are you two doing?" Weiss asked looking at them.

"Nothing . . . hey Weiss come with me I need to tell you something," Shadow said looking at the white haired female.

"Uh . . . sure," Weiss said as she began to walk alongside Shadow the two then separated from them. As they did Shadow walked down an alleyway and looked at Weiss.

"You know there's something I've had on my mind for a while now," Shadow said as he started to walk closer to Weiss. This made Weiss a little nervous.

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