Chapter 3: Meeting

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The four members of team SAFE were walking through the small proportion of Beacon known as the festival section. "Seems like a busy place," Emelio said looking around.

"Yeah seems that way," Amy said looking at him.

"Not hard to believe though. I mean there are several peolpe that come here and all of them have different preferences." Frost said looking at them.

"Yeah so I guess it balances itself out." Emelio said looking at his team.

"Hey guys what's up?" The four of them heard a new voice say from behind them. The four turned around and saw Sun and Neptune as well as several others that they didn't recognize walking towards them.

"Hey Sun thought we'd run into you here." Emelio said looking at him.

"Yeah we saw your fight. You did good," Neptune said looking at them.

"Likewise," Shadow said looking at the blue haired male.

"So who are your friends?" Frost asked looking at the figures in front of him.

"Oh well I'm Ruby," the figure said as she stepped forward.

"This is my partner Weiss." Ruby said gesturing to the white haired female beside her.

"The pleasure is all mine," Weiss said looking at them.

"This is my big sister Yang," Ruby said as she went to the taller blonde figure in front of her.

"Hey hope we can be friends," Yang said with a smile.

"And this is my friend Blake," Ruby said introducing the female in front of them.

"Pleasure to meet you," Blake said looking at them.

"Cool I'm Shadow and this is my team. The Faunus is Emelio," the black haired male looking at the male with wolf ears.

"Hi," the male said as he continued to eat the bowl of food that was placed in front of him.

"The girl is Amy," Shadow said pointing at her.

"Hope you're as nice as you look," Amy said with a smile,

"Then the guy with blue eyes is Frost he's my partner," Shadow said looking at them.

"Hey nice to meet all of you," Frost said with a smile.

"Sun told us that you all also attend Haven," Weiss said looking at the four in front of him.

"Yeah although weird stuff's been going on lately and we're thinking of transferring to one of the other hunting academies." Shadow said looking at them.

"We can do that?" Sun asked with a little bit of excitement in his voice.

"Yeah as long as the team has been formed and all members agree to being relocated then yes a team can be transferred to a different hunting school." Amy said looking at Sun.

"Cool I didn't know that," Sun said looking at her. "Hey Neptune let's go find Sage and Scarlet. I got something I want to discuss with them," Sun said walking in another direction.

Neptune sighed at this and looked at them. "See ya later," Neptune said running after Sun.

"Well I'm going to go have a look around. Frost want to join me?" Shadow asked looking at the male.

"Yeah why not," Frost said as he got up and the two of them walked away.

They then heard a few new footsteps coming towards them. When Ruby and her team looked they saw two members of team CFVY walking towards them.

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