Chapter 5: Courage

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Frost sighed as he looked at the two female figures in front of her. Lately he had seen how much Winter talked to Shadow about dating Weiss. Which meant that if Weiss was like Winter he was going to receive a lot of feedback about dating Winter.

Shadow was looking at the male beside him and sighed. "Look you just have to go for it. That's what Weiss did," Shadow said looking at Frost.

Frost nodded and pulled out a bottle of green liquid. He drank all of it very quickly and walked over to Winter. When he did he looked at the female in front of him and felt his body tense up.

"Ah hello Frost what can I do for you?" Winter asked looking at him. Despite being rather strict she had come to enjoy Frost's company. She found the way he talked and blushed around her rather cute.

"I-I w-was w-wondering i-if y-you w-would l-like t-to g-g-go o-out s-sometime y-you k-k-know w-with m-me," Frost said looking at the older white haired female in front of him.

Winter blushed slightly when she heard this and looked at the male in front of her. He was younger than her anyone could see that then again no one had ever asked her out before.

It was usually the other way around and was usually turned down when she asked them out. So how could she say no to something like this. "Yeah I'd love to," Winter said looking at him.

This made Frost very happy to say the least. However seeing the male that was dating her younger sister Winter suddenly got an idea. "I say we go out tomorrow and that we should make it a double date," Winter said looking at him.

"Sure who do you want go out with?" Frost asked once again becoming excited. After all he was thinking of waiting a week before going on a date but she had just moved it up by more than a week.

"I say we go out with my younger sister Weiss and her boyfriend," Winter said looking at him. Shadow was surprised to hear this and then his face turned red at this.

"Well then I'll see you there call me when you've decided on where we should go," Winter said looking at Frost.

"Y-yeah I'll call," Frost said looking at the white haired female in front of him.

Winter smiled hearing this and looked at him. "Good until then I'll leave you with this," Winter said looking at the male. Before Frost could question what she meant Winter kissed his cheek causing the male to blush a deep shade of red.

"I'll see you later," Winter said walking away from Frost. As she walked away Frost looked at her with a love struck face.

'I hope I never become like that,' Shadow thought to himself.

'If you do I'm going to trap you inside your head and we will work things out,' Shadow heard a voice say inside his head. He had forgotten that Vain does talk to him mainly because Vain didn't do it that often.

"Now all we need to do is get Weiss and her . . . boyfriend. . . Shadow how are you going to ask her out?" Frost asked looking at the male in front of him.

"What do you mean?" Shadow asked looking at Frost.

"Well she's kind of difficult at times. So I imagine she's not going settle for a simple will you go out with me. Not to mention she doesn't seem like the type of person to go on a double date," Frost said looking at Shadow.

Shadow shrugged when he asked this and began to walk away. "I guess I'll just have to wing it," Shadow said looking at him.

"Wing it? That's not how things like this are supposed to work," Frost said looking at Shadow.

"Yeah I know but I don't exactly have anything to offer her. After all she's rich so chances are what I can offer her she already has a better version of it at her house," Shadow said looking at her.

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