Chapter 2: Round one

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"Begin" They heard a male voice say when they said this the four members of team DIRT jumped back into the tall grass that was behind them. The female of team SAFE known as Amy then turned her head to Shadow. 'Any ideas?' Shadow heard a familiar female voice say inside his head.

Shadow thought for a second before he looked at the grasslands in front of him. 'Yeah just one. Talk to Frost I'm sure he knows what to do,' Shadow thought to himself. When he did Amy nodded and looked at Frost.

'Shadow said he had an idea and that you would know what you were supposed to do,' Frost heard Amy say inside of his mind.

Frost then nodded and stepped in front of the group. He then looked at his hand where a fireball appeared and threw it into the grass. Within a matter of second the fire started to grow and spread at fast rate.

"Well seems like Frost jumped the gun a bit early with using his "Elements of nature" Semblance," Professor Oobleck said as he watched the firs slowly start to spread.

"Yes this unique semblance gives Frost the ability to control certain elements of nature and fire just happens to be one of the three in his arsenal." Professor port said as he watched the fire almost completely burn the tall grass that was in the field in front of them. This caused team DIRT to flee from the grass and into the forest that they had on their side of the field. 'Something's wrong,' Shadow thought to himself as he saw them go into the forest.

'What do you mean?' Shadow heard Amy ask inside of his head.

'They just lost basically half of their territory yet they still aren't trying to attack us.' Shadow said mentally to Amy.

'Yeah now that you mention it that is a little strange. What do you think's going on?' Amy mentally asked as she looked into the woods.

'Hmm I'm not sure but I know a way to find out,' Shadow thought as he looked up at the smoke that was coming from the flames. When Emelio saw this his wolf ears perked up slightly and he smiled. A small amount of smoke then came down from the rest of it and formed exact copies of himself and the other members of his team.

"My it would seem as if Emelio has started to use his semblance," The green haired male said as he looked down as what he was seeing.

"That's right professor Oobleck young Emelio's semblance is called "blow a puff". It allows him to take any aerial substances including smoke, steam, fog, and mist and turn it into copies of himself or others." Professor Port said as he watched the clones that Emelio had made become even more clones.

"Yes that is indeed correct Professor Port and if I had to take a guess as to why team SAFE hasn't said anything yet. I would have to guess that it's because Amy is also using her semblance "Mental Transmission" allowing her to mentally communicate with the other members of her team. Allowing them to come up with a strategy while their opponents are left in the dark about their plans." Professor Port said as he looked at the number of clones that Emelio was making slowly grow.

Emelio then stopped when he hit ten clones. Emelio then sighed and went down onto one knee and started to pant slightly out of breath. "Give me a minute and I'll make some more," Emelio said aloud looking at Shadow.

"No that's fine you can rest. This should be more than enough," Shadow said as he looked at Emelio. He then turned his head to the side and looked at Amy. 'Form a mental link with as many as you can well as many as you can that won't cause any strain on your mind and send them into the woods and have them tell you what's going on,' Shadow thought looking at the female in front of him.

When he did Amy nodded and looked at a all of the clones. "Alright go into the woods," The blue haired female said aloud. When she did the clones smiled and all of them rushed into the woods.

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